Singapore-Exclusive Sakura Rose Mocha Frappucino® And Cherry Blossom-Inspired Merchandise?!

Singapore may not enjoy four seasons like Japan does, but Starbucks Singapore knows exactly what you want — pretty pink Starbucks merchandise like the ones Starbucks Japan releases during Spring. Starbucks Singapore knows just that, so they’ve released cherry blossom-inspired merchandise, as well as new drinks and bites!



L – R, Triple Citrus Cold Brew, $6.90 (Tall, Iced); Cascara Macchiato, $7.40 (Tall, Hot & Iced) or $7.90 (Tall, Blended); Sakura Rose Mocha Frappuccino®, $7.90 (Tall, Blended)


As its name suggests, Triple Citrus Cold Brew pairs classic cold brew with citrus flavours of lemonade, lime and grapefruit; Cascara Macchiato combines freshly steamed milk with cascara syrup; Sakura Rose Mocha Frappuccino®  brings rose, chocolate, milk and ice together in one drink, topped with mocha sauce and pretty pink chocolate flowers. It’s a Singapore-exclusive drink, so be sure to try it!


L – R, first row: Coffee Chocolate Cake and Lychee Cheesecake, $6.90 each; second row: Lychee Pudding Cup and Strawberry Red Velvet Cake, $3.90 and $6.90 respectively


Grab your girlfriends and enjoy a lovely afternoon together with Starbucks’ latest cakes and their limited edition Lychee Pudding Cup. The Coffee Chocolate Cake contains caramel-infused cream, while the Lychee Cheesecake combines lychee, apricot and cranberry bits within the cheesecake. As for the Strawberry Red Velvet Cake, it has layers of light sponge cake between strawberry-flavoured cream.


The cherry blossom-inspired merchandise is inspired by two types of cherry blossom trees — the oriental cherry blossom and donarium cherry blossom. Get your hands on these dreamy pink merchandise now because they’re sure to be sold out really quickly!


Pink Petals Collection, from $26.90 to $39.90


Light Collection, from $29.90 to $44.90


Blush Collection, from $22.90 to $26.90


That’s not all! Enjoy a one-for-one treat on all handcrafted beverages from 25 to 28 February from 3pm to 7pm, so grab a friend and chill at Starbucks together! Do note that this promotion is applicable to all drinks in venti size only, and that the free drink given will be that of the lower price. There’s also a limit to a maximum of 2-set-orders per customer, so do keep these terms and conditions in mind!


Starbucks Singapore Cherry Blossom Merchandise, from $21.90 to $44.90.
Now available at all Starbucks Singapore outlets.