Spring Into The New Season With Gucci’s Latest The Alchemist’s Garden Fragrance Collection

With spring comes festivities and loads of scents. Think — fresh, green and delicate notes that’ll refresh your senses and evoke the new days of springtime. Encapsulating the essence of pure bliss, The Alchemist’s Garden is the latest addition to Gucci’s range of luxury fragrances. Be illuminated by the vibrant scents of plants and flowers, accompanied with modern molecules for a composition that’s oh-so-sweet and (sensual). Each scent is unique and true to its own — each telling a different story and teleporting you back to a place in time in an instant.

GUCCI The Alchemist’s Garden collection

Inspired by the art of alchemy, the new GUCCI The Alchemist’s Garden collection has seen one of the biggest range of 14 scents ever since the release of GUCCI’s iconic Bloom fragrance back in 2017. In collaboration with perfumer Alberto Morillas, this new collection is inspired by the art of alchemy and features scents divided into Eau De Parfums, Acqua Profumate, Perfumed Oils and Scented Candles.

The bottles are designed to resonate with the nostalgic theme of the collection, with inspiration taken from pharmacy jars and vintage apothecary bottles — that also adds the perfect and classy prop to your vanity.

Read on to find out more about the collection:


Gucci Eaux De Parfum (L — R): Tears of Iris, A Song for the Rose, and The Voice of the Snake EDP (100ml); $520 each. Available at TANGS and TANGS online.

Take your creativity to the Nth degree and create your own bespoke scent with this new range of fragrances by GUCCI. The collection features seven singular scents — Oud, Amber, Violet, Iris, Mimosa, Rose and Woods — for you to layer on and reveal a combination that totally gets you into the mood of things.


GUCCI Acque Profumate EDT (150ml); $364 each. Available at TANGS and TANGS online.

Build your own unique sillage with GUCCI’s Acque Profumate (“scented waters”) range — consisting of modern compositions of Cypress, Lavender and Woods. The three scents are individual statements that blend perfectly well when layered with each eau de parfum and is a great alternative topper especially when you’re growing out of your old scent.


GUCCI Ode on Melancholy Perfumed Oil (20ml), $650. Available at TANGS and TANGS online.

Whether you’re using it on its own or along with other fragrances from the collection, GUCCI’s Ode on Melancholy is a perfumed oil worth keeping if you’re into vibrant and warm notes of Cedar, Cypriol, Patchouli and Sandalwood. The range also includes perfumed oils that are built around distinctive notes of Rose, Oud, Woods, and Violet.

Not to mention, this perfumed oil is beautifully housed in a keepsake bottle with gold embellishments intricately designed to accentuate the theme of the collection itself. (And in case you’re wondering: They’re made with real gold)


GUCCI The Alchemist’s Garden Collection, The Virgin Violet Scented Candle, $700. Available at TANGS and TANGS online.

Alongside the featured fragrances from the collection, GUCCI will also be including their own scented candles into the mix. Presented in a porcelain jar, embellished with gold accents, this scented candle smells just as good as it looks!


Get a closer look at the new collection in the video below:


GUCCI The Alchemist’s Garden collection is now available at TANGS stores and TANGS online.