A Gift That Every Woman Deserves This International Women’s Day

This is a big deal. There are so many reasons why International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated in many countries around the world. First and foremost: it’s a day when we recognise the achievements of women and the progress that we’ve made thus far — mainly focusing on working towards gender equality, of course — which brings us to this year’s IWD theme: #BalanceForBetter. The initiative takes on a new step for women as they work towards a society that’s more equal, where women are more respected wherever they are — #GRLPWR!

So what better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than giving your gal pals (or even yourself) a treat with these exclusive deals from SASA. Check out our list below for items that you wouldn’t want to miss this March 8th.


Soo Beauté Tone Up Recovery Mask, Bird’s Nest Super Hydrating Mask, and Snail Super Rejuvenating Mask (5 Sheets) – NOW 1 @ 18% Off, 2 and more @ 38% Off (U.P. $29.50 – $35.90 each). Available at all SaSa stores.

What could possibly be better than slathering on a nourishing mask after slugging yourself through a long tiring week at work? Soo Beauté features a range of hydrating and rejuvenating options for your skin that you can pamper yourself with — and trust us, it doesn’t require that much of effort. Sit back, relax and mask on…

Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Mask – NOW $38 (U.P. $70). Available at all SaSa stores.

If sheet masks are a little too basic for your liking, then Shangpree’s Gold Premium Modeling Mask might just fit your pick! Besides the fact that the mask, is indeed synonymous to its name, the process of making it is actually just as therapeutic. Simply mix in the ingredients and smother on this luxurious mask for a skin pampering experience like no other.

-417 Agile-Purifying Mud Mask – NOW $38 (U.P. $60). Available at all SaSa stores.

A mask that exfoliates and nourishes your face at the same time? Yes, please! Now we all know how mud masks work — you slather it on and leave it to dry, and after 20 minutes you rinse it all off. The feeling that comes after? Absolutely satisfying; it’s like you’re a brand new woman! Get rid of all the dirt and gunk off your face with a mud mask like this one by -417.

Suisse Programme Moisture Lift Mask – NOW $38 (U.P. $280). Available at all SaSa stores.

Face masks are one of the little pleasures in life — like treating ourselves to a sinful tub of Chocolate Ice Cream on a cold rainy day or splurging on that one handbag you’ve been eyeing on for the longest time. If you’re starting to worry about any signs of fine lines or wrinkles, check out this Moisture Lift Mask by Suisse Programme.


La Colline Eye Contour, Vital Eye Gel, Vital Eye Cream, Dynamic Hydration Mask, Vital Eye Mask – NOW 1 @ 18% Off, 2 and more @ 38% Off (U.P. $240 – $300 each). Available at all SaSa stores.

Our eyes are literally one of the areas we pay the least attention to when it comes to skincare (well, for most of us). To give your peepers the TLC that it truly deserves, enter La Colline’s eye care range. From eye serums, to eye masks, there’s a product to fit your every need.

Eleanor Moist-Rich Firming (5 Sheets), Glowing Mask (5 Sheets), Lamarin Eye Treatment – NOW $38 (U.P. $63.90 – $70 each). Available at all SaSa stores.

Can’t decide between a mask or an eye serum? We say: Go for both! It’s always better to have the best of both worlds and who would’ve thought it’d be possible with this range from Eleanor.


Cyber Colors SPF18 PA+++ Black Label Essence UV Liquid Foundation, SPF50 PA+++ Bloom Glow Moist CC Cushion – NOW $38(U.P. $66.90 – $67.90). Available at all SaSa stores.

You know the saying, “When you look good, you feel good”. And sis, if you can relate, then you know how important it is to look your best ’round the clock. If you’re planning to look like a million bucks, then Cyber Colors’ Black Label Essence UV Liquid Foundation and Bloom Gl[ow Moist CC Cushion will do you good.


Sasatinnie, Glam Moist Lipstick + V Designer Face Contour Palette – NOW $38 (U.P. $25.90 – $46.90)(NOW: $38). Available at all SaSa stores.

If you have your base sorted, then what’s missing is probably a pop of colour to your palette. For a more subtle look, dab on a rosy hue like this number by Sasatinnie and sweep on some contour shades for a more defined look.

The Balm, Plump Your Pucker Lip Gloss (Assorted) – NOW 2 for $38 (U.P. $39). Available at all SaSa stores.

Dress your puckers with this gloss by The Balm. We all like our lips to be of a certain way — some like it matte, some like it glossy. For the latter, slather on this lippie to complete your look with lips that are oh-so-kissable (and irresistible).


#Tank Plate EDT For Him/Her and Tank EDT For Him/Her — NOW: 2 for $38 (U.P. $39 each). Available at all SaSa stores.

Scents, like people, have personality and can evoke specific feelings. Intensely fresh, the latest instalment from Tank features a range of scents from rich florals to warm woods — representative of the strong, independent women that all of us aspire to be one day. The new collection comprises of fragrances for both men and women; with each having its own individualistic blend of scents that’ss alluring and addictive in its own way.

SaSa’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” sale is now on till March 17, 2019. Find out more here: http://www.sasa.com.sg/girlshavefun