Want Your Acne To Stop Freaking Out? Try This Acne-Prone Digital Diagnosis

“P.s. I hate you,” said your acne-prone skin to your subconscious.

It’s not cute to talk about, but with acne also comes the inevitability of clogged pores, pimple scarring and an overproduction of oil. Not a fan. Whatever the reason — a stressful work week, a new diet or environmental aggressors damaging your skin — skincare brand La Roche-Posay speaks our language.

Being more mindful about skincare products complementing every skin type can offer a better life for those with sensitive skin. Such is the ethos of La Roche-Posay, the brand that’s been making waves in the field of sensitive skin.

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A peek up the sleeves of their latest skincare technology, the Effaclar spotSCAN led us to discover how their new acne-prone skin diagnosis matches us to the right acne treatments. Developed with dermatologists and tested on over 6000 pictures, we’re talking the convenience of having the likes of a derm right in your pocket.

Think back: You’re staring in the mirror and picking at your acne (plus cursing, of course). Urgh. Hail to the polarising curses of acne-prone skin which arrive in tandem with hormonal cycles… or simply a Monday. From relentlessly searching online for answers to our acne woes and trying to self-diagnose our skin condition from forum threads, we’re no strangers to having our complexion take a major toll on our confidence. It’s a cruel joke. Acne can even lead to patients having self-esteem issues or even depression so sufferers should not be embarrassed to seek help for this — and, as dermatologist Dr. Tan, Medical Director of Dermatology & Co Singapore confirms, it is important to treat your acne early. “This is made worse because we live in an age of Instagram where everyone is filtered and airbrushed to perfection,” Dr. Tan says.

Amidst all the confusion, the concept of Effaclar spotSCAN was born to allow users to access expert advice through a few simple steps.  And if you don’t have the time or accessibility to a dermatologist, the Effaclar spotSCAN definitely comes in clutch.

Here’s the 411.


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Taking a step towards this persistent evil (read: acne) starts with the Effaclar spotSCAN that was developed by expert dermatologists and powered by Artifical Intelligence. By taking 3 selfies of your face, it analyses and spots acne, blackheads and marks to deliver an instant diagnosis on your current skincare state. The acne grade ranges from 0 to 4+. Users who receive and acne grade of 2 or above are alerted that a dermatological consultation is needed.  Can you say convenience and accessibility? Love. 


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After the analysis protocol, the service recommends a personalised 3-step Effaclar routine along with specific skincare tips for oily, acne-prone skin. Smooth sailing ahead.

Plus gain access to a before/after skin improvement simulator. What you can anticipate are the expected results and a timeline of your skin’s progress from start to finish. Creating a better and more confident life for acne-prone skin is about to get a whole lot easier.



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Posted by La Roche-Posay on Wednesday, 27 February 2019


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Dubbed a heavyweight skincare product for good reason, Effaclar Duo(+)  by La Roche-Posay is a desirable ally in duelling with a melody of acne hiccups. The acne correcting powers in this cream are twofold: active ingredients that eliminate blemishes, imperfections and unclogs blocked pores by 56%, while soft micro-exfoliates physically buff away dead skin cells and grime without skin irritation. Also included: procerad to help reduce the appearance of dark marks by 42%.

Beyond boasting visible results after 12 hours (think: prevention of acne recurrence even after 1 month of stopping application), this anti-imperfections cream aims to improve your skin health and help alleviate skin woes of acne-prone skin sufferers. Consider those blemishes busted.


Blackheads, oily skin, breakouts — you name it, I was rocking it right before my period. I was intrigued by how the spotSCAN could identify the types of skin imperfections in a skin diagnosis and provide a personalised skincare routine in under 3 minutes. That said, if you don’t have time to visit a derm, I’d recommend the spotSCAN as a quick fix it immediately detected my pimples and hyperpigmentation marks, and even provided an alternative product to combat my future breakouts. My only qualm is that the analysis recognised my moles as an ‘imperfection’ and removed it as part of the improvement simulator.” — Sinead, Writer


From the 11-13th March 2019, shoppers can enjoy 25% off storewide and exclusive Effaclar Skincare routine sets that will overcome that which stands between you and your radiant complexion, acne notwithstanding.



Keep on the lookout for their Grab Cars with the spotSCAN branding where you may indulge in their Effaclar Duo(+) and spotSCAN in your privacy, plus a complimentary 5 days trial kit of Effalcar Duo(+) given to riders. 

Written by Sinead Lee.

Effaclar Duo(+) retails at $42.90 and Effaclar Duo(+) SPF 30 retails at $44.90 and are available on Shopee as well as at all existing La Roche-Posay counters in major pharmacies like Watsons, Guadian, Unity and selected hospital pharmacies. 

For more information, check out La Roche-Posay’s website and sign up for a 7-day trial kit of Effaclar Duo (+), or head down to any La-Roche Posay store near you.

To try out Effaclar spotSCAN, visit this linkWith every completion of Effaclar spotSCAN, readers can enjoy $5 off Effaclar, the range tailor made for oily acne-prone skin.