Muji’s Linen Series Is All About Conscious Clothing

This season, it’s not about what you’re wearing, its about who you’re wearing. And no, we don’t mean the names on your labels— have you ever thought about the origins of your garment? The land they came from and the people who made them are so key to the process, yet also so often overlooked.



Enter Muji’s solution: in a world that’s becoming more “mass”-everything, they are shunning the rapid manufacturing processes that sometimes neglect the environment they intertwine with. Instead, Muji strives to create versatile and functional basics that are conscious of their relationship with nature and people.



Introducing: Muji Linen, from Normandy in France and Xinjiang in China. In creating the pieces, Muji considers the person making the garment, the person wearing the garment, as well as how to engage with nature in the harvesting of raw materials. Muji linen is organic, woven from flax free of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. The source locations are carefully chosen— the vast Xinjiang Plateau, in the northern part of the Taklamakan Desert at the foot of the Tianyama mountain range, stands at an altitude of 1,800 metres. The abundant water from snow melt and absence of pests makes it an ideal environment for organic flax to be sown. Find out more about organic linen with this video.



By fostering long-term relationships, Muji is able to make a genuine improvement to the lives of those involved in the garment-making. It goes both ways, for the maker and the buyer, and the result is distinctive Muji clothing characterised by quality, comfort, and consciousness.

Have a look at the Muji SS19 Linen collection here:



All Men’s & Ladies’ Linen Series now at 15% off till 3 April 2019, or while stocks last! Available at all Muji stores.