Numb Your Senses With These 5 Mala Food Items

Mala is a combination of two Chinese characters — ‘numbing (má)’ and ‘spicy (là)’. The mala sauce is one that is oily, spicy and numbing, true to its name. It typically consists of Sichuan pepper, chilli pepper and other spices simmered in oil. Mala xiang guo is undeniably the most popular mala dish in Singapore, but if you want to change things up a bit, how about trying other mala food items?



Mala Chicken


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KFC’s latest Mala chicken combines the fast food chain’s signature Hot & Crispy chicken with Mala sauce that is made with Sichuan pepper, chilli, and other spices, giving you finger lickin’ good chicken and a tongue-numbing sensation. Don’t miss out on this because it’ll only be here for a limited time!

Price: Mala 2 pcs Chicken Meal, $8.95; Mala Box Meal, $10.95; Mala 5 pcs Meal, $19.55, Mala 9 pcs Feast, $39.95
Location: All KFC Outlets


The Workbench Bistro

Mala Pasta


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In this glorious plate of pasta, you get linguine stir-fried in homemade mala sauce, as well as fried buttermilk chicken! You also get to choose from three levels of spiciness — xiao la, zhong la and da la, according to your mala spice tolerance.

Price: $16.90
Location: Blk 332 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1, #01-1881, Singapore 560332



Mala Madness Pizza


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With a mala spice base, spam, bacon, mushrooms and peanuts, this pizza is sure to satisfy your mala cravings!

Price: $26
Location: 35A Boat Quay (2nd floor), Singapore 049824


Mala Mala

Hand-Cut Potato Wedges, Hand-Cut Mushroom Chips, Fish Skin


L – R, Super Spicy Hand-Cut Potato Wedges, Hand-Cut Mushroom Chips and Fish Skin (Photo Courtesy)


The mala snacks from Mala Mala come in three spiciness levels — mild spicy, super spicy and crazy spicy. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for crazy spicy! If you’re not a fan of potato chips but still want a mala snack to snack on during breaks, Mala Mala also has mala hand-cut mushroom chips and fish skin options.

Price: $8 for Hand-Cut Potato Wedges and Fish Skin; $9 for Hand-Cut Mushroom Chips
Location: Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-95, Singapore 098585



Mala Chicken Bun 


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Mala chicken chunks and mushrooms are enveloped in a nutritious wheat germ bun, making this great as a snack (or even for your breakfast)!

Price: $1.70
Location: All Breadtalk Outlets