Poh Heng Has A Disney Baby Jewellery Collection That Includes Baby Mickey And Minnie!

Need more cute things to collect for your little one? Your friend’s having a celebration for his or her newborn and you’ve no idea what to get? Check this out: Poh Heng’s Disney Baby Collection that’s crafted in 22K gold, and actually affordable.


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The stars of this collection are none other than Baby Mickey, Minnie, Pooh and Piglet. This collection features pendants, bracelets and anklets crafted in 22K gold — and we think all of these are perfect for both boys and girls!



Furthermore, the Baby Mickey and Baby Minnie bracelets can be customised; you can engrave them with your child’s name — or your own (we know you want to).


Poh Heng Disney Baby Collection, from $120 each.
The Baby Mickey and Baby Minnie bracelets, and Baby Mickey & Minnie anklet will be available from April 2019.
Everything else will be available at all Poh Heng boutiques islandwide from 15 March 2019.