Superga’s Sneakers, But With Mickey and Minnie!

What do Superga sneakers and Mickey have in common? They both started out as flat sketches! Both of them hold much importance in today’s pop culture, and the two have collaborated to launch a collection of sneakers featuring sketches of Mickey and Minnie.


L – R, Superga Cartoon 2750 Comics in White – Black and White – Black Red, $109.90 each


The white canvas on the sneaker is akin to a a blank piece of paper, waiting to be filled. Black brush strokes cover the canvas upper, replicating pencil marks and the frames of comic strips.


L – R, Superga Cartoon 2750 Comics Couple in White – Black Red and in White – Black Red Flower, $109.90 each


This collection highlights the origins of Mickey and the simplicity of Superga’s sneakers. To add a little humour and personality to the shoes, quirkly one-liners were added, giving each pair a story to tell.


L – R, Superga Cartoon 2750 Wake Me Up Strap in White – Black Fuchsia and White – Black Blue, Cartoon 2750 All Lover Strap in White – Red and White – Sunflower, $89.90 each


There will also be cute and colourful sneakers in vibrant, primary colours of red, blue and yellow for kids! The Cartoon 2750 All Lover Strap comes in two designs — one in Minnie’s iconic polka dot and the other in Mickey’s iconic shade of yellow. The details do not overwhelm the sneakers, staying true to Superga’s simplicity. Don’t miss out on this adorable collaboration between the two!


Superga x Disney Collection, available from 20 March 2019 online and at Wheelock Place, VivoCity and Westgate Superga outlets.