This Is The First-Ever KFC Restaurant That Lets You See Behind-The-Scenes!

You’ve probably heard all about the hype surrounding KFC’s Open Kitchen programme, and we’re not just talking about getting our hands on more finger lickin’ good fried chicken: We’re talking about becoming a #KFCInsider.

The Tank @ KFC Tampines Mall #01-47

Thanks to the food chain’s first-ever glass-enclosed kitchen, customers are treated to KFC’s culinary journey behind-the-scenes and possibly even discover a secret recipe or two — the question is, can you keep up?


With this new initiative, The Tank @ KFC Tampines Mall hopes to be more transparent with their guests by proudly showcasing the entire cooking process. If being a #KFCInsider tickles your fancy, the KFC Open Kitchen Programme is giving you premium access tours to their highly guarded kitchen and recipes!

Now, we can all join the party.


Registration opens 8 April 2019. 

For more details about the “KFC Open Kitchen” programme and ticketing information, visit KFC Singapore’s website.