Sephora x Moschino Releases New Collection Inspired by… Office Supplies?

Aside from housing hundreds of brands under its name, Sephora is back with another collab with luxury house Moschino — and this time it’s all about, wait for it… office supplies.

We’re not kidding.

As you could’ve already told, Jeremy Scott (aka Moschino’s creative director) has been known for his cheeky and fun alternatives when it comes to his designs. Just have a look at Moschino’s first collab with Sephora back in 2017 when they first dropped their collection (and not to mention his recent Sims-Inspired Moschino Collection too). Back in the year, the collection featured fun and offbeat designs that construed a quirky touch to your usual makeup collab. You could say that the range was in favour to what the younger generation would have preferred — I mean, have you seen their eyeshadow palette encased in the coveted gold Moschino Toy exterior? Adorable.



Following a new concept that mimics actual office and school supplies, the luxury house brand collaborates with Sephora to birth a new range of products for the ultimate back-to-school inspired makeup look.



Whether you’re still in school or bound to the trenches of adult life, this cheeky collection is sure to bring all the nostalgia. From eyeliners that look like markers, brushes that resemble pencils, and highlighters that, well… look like actual highlighters, the new range is definitely one that might be a hit (or even a miss) amongst the crowd — depending on if you have an idiosyncratic taste that is.

Moschino + Sephora Collection: Laptop Palette

Whatever it is, I’ve got to say that they definitely delivered with its Macbook-inspired eyeshadow palette — seriously, it has a bear-shaped brush cleaner at the bottom of the palette for you to brush off before you move on to do a new colour. If that’s not groundbreaking, I don’t know what is.

Check out all the back-to-school staples from Moschino x Sephora’s latest collab below:


The Sephora x Moschino collection has just been released in the US, so we’re not too sure when the collection will be arriving on our shores. Nevertheless, stay tuned to our socials for more updates and we’ll be sure to give you a heads up when the collection is set to launch in Singapore.