Blue Q Has Some Of The Q-test Items You’ll Want

Something about irreverent, blase humour always gets our funny bone going. After all,  humour is about subverting the expected and the rules, to a benign degree, at least. Blue Q seems to know that, and their kitschy, tongue-in-cheek products will spruce up any home.

Blue Q Oven Mitts, $29

Spice up any dinner party with these sassy oven mitts! We especially love the daring “This is f*cking delicious” ones, so you can send a message to your guests without even having to speak. Oven mitts are a household essential, whether it be for piping hot baking dishes or steamed goodies, so you might as well get one that’s super stinking cute.

Screen Print Tea Towels, $25

They also have a range of tea towels in bright colours and sweet florals. A closer glance will reveal cheeky illustrations of “hot sauces gone wild” and a spoon-wielding lady threatening, “Get the hell out of my kitchen!”

Handy Tote, $21

Brighten up your school day with these tote bags, useful for keeping documents and papers separate for classes. Or, just grab these for a quick errand run or casual day out. With a range of colours and designs to choose from, there’s sure to be one, or two, or more, that will go perfectly with your wardrobe!

Shopper, $35

They also have these big shopper bags for bigger errands! A handy reusable bag like this is great to have, especially if you’re down to shop eco-friendly at places like Scoop Wholefoods and UnPackt (which you can read about here).

Women’s Crew Socks, $24
Men’s Crew Socks, $27

Wear your heart on your socks with these quirky crew socks, with lots of designs for your different moods.

Zipper Pouch, $15

Check out these zipper pouches for  keeping the clutter at bay— or for simply keeping the clutter! These are great as makeup pouches for slipping into work bags, or for storage essential documents during travel, etc.

Grab these fun, fresh products now to add a little colour to your everyday.

Blue Q, $8 to $35, available at