Casio G-Shock Releases 3 New Must-Have Designs

If you’re a collector or an avid fan of Casio’s G-Shock watches, you’re in luck! This month alone, Casio has released 3 new designs that will have you reaching for your wallet.

Indestructible Gravitymaster

If you’re an aviation professional, this might be the perfect time to pick up a new watch. One that is incredibly tough, even by G-Shock’s standards. Released on 7 May, this limited-edition GWR-B1000X model features a colour scheme of red, black, muted gold and built with insanely resilient materials.


So what makes this Gravitymaster the one to get? Well, it surely has to be its extreme toughness and near indestructibility. It’s constructed with carbon materials that are qualified for use in aircraft fuselage parts and intentionally designed for the aviation industry.

The case and band are made of carbon fibre materials while the buttons are titanium-made. With this combination of incredibly tough materials and G-Shock’s Triple G resist tech, it makes the GWR-B1000X extremely resilient. While G-Shock watches are known for their durability and toughness,  this particular model is taking it to another level bordering on near invulnerability.

Retailing at S$1,599, the GWR-B1000 is available at all G-SHOCK Boutiques (except IMM outlet).

Full Metal G-Shock With Aged Finish

Announced on 15 May, the G-Shock Full Metal series gets an attractive vintage and weathered look – making the GMW-B5000V stand out in contrast against its other Full Metal models (silver and gold).


According to Casio, the aged finish represents “the toughness of a timepiece that continues to survive and stand the test of time”. Apart from the finish, the watch is similar to the models in its collection. Square-shaped and made entirely of stainless steel, it also includes features like the 200-meter water resistance, Bluetooth connectivity, world time, full auto LED backlight and radio wave time-calibration signals.

Price and availability to be announced. 

Rainbow-hued Casio G-Shock MT-G

To celebrate its 20th anniversary of the MT-G line of watches, Casio released a rainbow-hued watch (MTG-B1000RB).


To be honest, it reminded me of the metallic sheen found on beetle shells. Thankfully, that wasn’t what inspired this watch. According to Casio, the watch took inspiration from something called a “lunar rainbow”. A rainbow produced by moonlight instead of sunlight.

To achieve this rainbow effect, the bezel of the watch is finished with rainbow ion plating. Under light, the hues shift for a full spectrum effect. Pretty.

While the rainbow design sure is beautiful, it sure as heck doesn’t compromise on any of the durability that G-Shock is known for.

Retailing at S$1,499, the MTG-B1000RB will be available at all G-SHOCK boutiques (except IMM outlet). Its launch date in Singapore will be announced soon.

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