Christian Louboutin Pays Tribute To Portugal With The PORTUGABA

You’ve probably heard of Christian Louboutin, and you’ve definitely seen his stilettos with their signature red-lacquered soles.


Over the last three years, Christian Louboutin has created the Africaba, the Mexicaba and the Manilacaba, all bags inspired by and created with people from the places they were named after. Continuing his pursuit to find the best artisans from all across the globe, for our very first look into his Fall Winter 2019 collection, he has created the PORTUGABA as a tribute to Portugal.



Louboutin has created a bag that contains bits and pieces of Portugal, putting his own signature twist on traditional designs, showcasing the work of the people of the country that inspires him. The meticulously crafted tote bag was created with the combination of craftsmen from all over the country, with each detail holding their love, hard work and passion.



Using a freehand technique called picado, the foundation of the bag was built, drawing inspiration from the Capa de Honra, or Jacket of Honour. Louboutin saw it as the perfect base for the tote — the Capa de Honra is traditionally used to protect its wearer against the harsh weather in the mountains of the northern Miranda do Doura.


The right side of the PORTUGABA brings us to Fridão, a small village in north-western Portugal. Proudly displaying a signed Christian Louboutin side panel, the famous Fridão-an puxados technique was used to create the intricate design with high and low reliefs.



On the left side, we are introduced to the women of the Cooperativa Tecedeiras de Cerva from the municipality of Ribeira de Pena. The ripado and manteses techniques have been used to create an embossed pattern, with each panel taking up to three hours to create by hand.




Weavers from Loures and Aboim da Nóbrega created the distinct tassels, drawing inspiration from traditional Portuguese folklore and designs, working with a variety of materials.



Last but definitely not least, we have the Azulejos-inspired, bead-embellished handles of the PORTUGABA, bringing us to a small village between Mafra and Ericeira. Each colourful design is drawn by hand before being transferred onto the beads, with each piece taking up to an hour to complete.

As you can see, the PORTUGABA is not just a bag or a fashion statement. It is a huge testament to the culture and history of Portugal, and an even bigger “Obrigado” from Louboutin to the Portuguese.

Watch the video below to take a sneak peek at what went on behind-the-scenes during the making of the PORTUGABA.



The PORTUGABA will be available at all Christian Louboutin outlets soon. Local price TBA, currently retailing for USD 1,990.