Enjoy A Picnic Date Without All That Hassle

Picnics will always make a great date idea, plus they’re a great way for you to chill and relax with your friends. If you want to plan a picnic with your partner or with your friends though, then be warned as there are many factors to consider — the date, time, location, food, cutlery, essentials like a picnic basket and picnic mat, and the list just goes on. Don’t let the tedious process deter you from having an Instagrammable picnic! These picnic services will solve your woes and give you an unforgettable, aesthetically pleasing picnic.


Bee’s Knees at The Garage

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If you’re planning to have your picnic at the Singapore Botanics Gardens, then get one of these picnic buzz-kets from Bee’s Knees at The Garage, located at Singapore Botanics Gardens itself. Stuff yourself silly with the sides, sandwiches, pizzas, drinks and cake of the day included in this picnic buzz-ket.

Price: $35 for 2 pax; $65 for 4 pax
Includes: picnic basket, picnic mat, a side, sandwiches, pizzas, cake, drinks, disposable cutlery


Heaven’s Bloom and Baskets

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The rustic Golden Magnolia picnic basket is as functional as it is aesthetic, with multiple straps within the basket to hold the cutlery in place. Add on food items to complete your whole picnic experience!

Price: $160 for picnic basket
Includes: 4 ceramic plates, champagne glasses, knives, forks, spoons, 2 salt and pepper shakers, 1 all-in-one opener

Price: $80 for food for 1 to 2 pax
Includes:  1 litre of fruit juice, 1 tomato dip, 1 can of tuna, 2 bags of chips 28.3gm, 1 block of cheese, 1 box of crackers, seasonal fruits

Price: $120 for food for up to 4 pax
Includes: 1 litre of fruit juice, 2 olive and tomato dips, 1 can of tuna, 3  bags of chips, 2 blocks of cheese, 1 box of crackers, 1 roasted chicken, seasonal fruits


Memories With KxS

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Memories with KxS does aesthetically pleasing picnic setups at a pretty affordable rate, with many different themes to choose from. The food packages they have are reasonably priced as well, so there’s really no excuse to not go on a picnic!

Price: $95 for picnic setup for 2 to 3 pax; $120 for picnic setup for 4 to 5 pax
Includes: your basic theme, teepee tent, 6 hanged portraits, lightbox, 16” number foiled balloons

Price: $23 for food for 2 pax
Includes:  2 servings of mac & cheese/ spaghetti bolognese or 4 servings of sandwiches, 2 servings of vanilla cupcakes, 1 serving of fruit salad, chocolate chip cookies, snack basket, 2 500ml bottled drinks

Price: $50 for food for 4 pax
Includes:  4 servings of mac & cheese/ spaghetti bolognese or 10 servings of sandwiches, 6 servings of vanilla cupcakes, 2 servings of fruit salad, chocolate chip cookies, snack basket, 2 1 litre bottled drinks





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Picnic and chill with Picchill’s picnic setup services that are suitable for any occasion. Their setups look cosy and inviting, great for relaxing dates and heart-to-heart talks with your friends.

Price: from $99
Includes: canned drinks, mineral bottle, halal wine/ champagne, wet tissues, dry tissues, teepee tent, picnic mat, pillows, lightings (depending on the time of the event), glasses, plates, table



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The picnic sets from pluseighttwo are for those who prefer to keep their picnics simple, but still delightful to look at. The soft spring-summer vibe from their picnic sets makes this perfect for a more laid-back picnic.

Price: $65
Includes: 2 bottle drinks, picnic basket, picnic mat, wood tray, cutting board, mango tulips, plates, cutlery