Need a Date? Facebook’s Now Your Wingman.

You know how sometimes you meet friends of friends, then you happen to find one of them cute so you conveniently add them on Facebook but now you don’t know how to proceed? Well, worry no more because Facebook Dating is here.

Facebook Dating is a feature within the Facebook app. Users create a separate profile and it works by matching you based on your preferences and interests, with others in Facebook with others who have opted in on this feature as well. These can be people from events you’ve attended, friends of friends, and more.

So unlike other dating apps, there’s no swiping for potential matches. Instead, within the pool of potential matches, you can choose to explore their profiles and initiate a conversation if you’re interested.

But that is not what’s interesting. What’s really interesting is the launch of their new tool: Secret Crush.

Choose up to 9 Facebook friends who you’re secretly crushing on and if both of you are enrolled in this feature AND both listed each other as crushes, then congratulations – it’s a match! Now, how about that friend of your friend that you’re secretly crushing on? Pray the planets are aligned and have you listed as a crush too.

Will this feature ever be popular? I suppose so. People will always be curious, especially when it comes to finding out whether or not someone likes them. And this gives them exactly that opportunity to find out. So based on that fact alone, Facebook’s counting on people to sign up.

Facebook Dating, available May 2nd as a dedicated feature within the Facebook app. For more info, click here.