Everything You Need To Know About The Google Pixel 3a & I/O 2019

What an exciting time to be a Google fan! On 8 May 2019, Google concluded their I/O 2019 keynote with updates about their latest products and platform innovations. Speaking of latest products, the Google Pixel 3a made its official appearance in Singapore at Google HQ offices and many are saying it’s the best value phone in the market. Could it possibly be? Is there any truth? Who would dare make such a claim? Well, we’ll be finding out sooner or later, but for now, let me bring you up to speed with what these Googlers have been busy with.


The Google Pixel 3a made its official debut in Singapore today and I got to be the first few invited to try it out at their launch event.

Attendees trying out the Pixel 3a

Straight out of the box, the first thing I noticed was how much lighter it was compared to my Huawei Mate 10 phone (186g). At 147g (the Pixel 3a XL is 167g), you probably wouldn’t have to worry about your face smarting when you accidentally drop your phone on it.

Setting up the phone was a breeze and the Quick Switch Adapter feature came up. This allows you to quickly transfer most of your data from your old phone to your Google Pixel 3a. Nifty.

At the launch event, presenters highlighted some key features of the Pixel 3a, and I must say I was quite impressed. At its price point, the phone actually has an OLED display – something usually only found on flagship premium phones.

Louis Nonouchi, Phones Product Planning and Launch APAC Lead presenting at the Google Pixel 3a launch in Singapore

Not only that, its award-winning camera comes with amazing features such as night sight, which captures vibrant images in low-light settings. A Photobooth mode that lets you snap photos with a smile or even a kiss! And now with Google Lens integration, you can search what you see – translate text, identify landmarks and animals, all in real time!

Attendees trying out Google Lens and Now Playing

All these premium features at an affordable $659. If you need a full-blown review of the Google Pixel 3a, fret not. There will be a full, hands-on review coming out soon so look out for that.


Get the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL now at Courts, Challenger, Singtel and Google Store. It’s available in 2 colours, Just Black and Clearly White at $659 for the 5.6” display and $779 for the 6” model. Visit Google’s store page here for more information.


Google’s mission has always been to make the world’s information universally accessible and useful to everyone and that’s easily seen in all its innovation like the Google Assistant, Google Lens and many more. Let’s check out what Google has laid out for this year.

If you wish to view the keynote in its entirety, you can check it out below:

Pixel 3a & Pixel 3a XL:

This month, Google introduced a new Google Pixel phone that comes with all the premium features like an award-winning camera, long-lasting and reliable battery – all without the premium price tag.

New features for Google Assistant:

Ever-evolving, the Google Assistant can now process, understand and deliver answers 10 times faster than before. And now with Continued Conversation, you no longer need say “Hey Google” every time you make a request. Google Assistant will now be able to process several requests in a row.

AR & Google Lens:

Rolling out at the end of the month, Google Search will feature AR. Place 3D objects right from Search into your own space. And with Google Lens, receive visual information via AR that will overlay it on your physical surroundings. Need to translate text? View it in real time with Google Lens.

Privacy & Security:

Managing and understanding your data and privacy shouldn’t be an overly complex procedure. Google announced a number of privacy and security tools built into its products that is simple to understand and manage. Easily access and manage your data and privacy with tools such as the one tap to Google account.

AI for social good:

Last year Google announced their AI for Social Good Initiative and the Google AI Impact Challenge. This year, they’re announcing the final list of global recipients and providing these organisations with technical support and a cool $25m in grants to help bring to life their ideas.


Google has developed an AI that improves computers’ ability to not only recognise and understand impaired speech but also to transcribe the words that people with speech impairment have to say. To further train the AI’s algorithm, the team (part of AI for Social Good) partnered with non-profit organisations that work with people afflicted with ALS to record their voices.

Flood Forecasting:

With their deep knowledge of AI and substantial computational power, Google shared an update on how they have increased their flood forecasting coverage to assist tens of millions of people that will be affected by the monsoon season by forecasting and predicting when and where floods will occur. This information will be integrated with its Google Public Alerts programme.

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