The Diamond Ring From Iuiga We All Need, Pronto!

Yes, we know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend — we’ve all heard the same song and dance before and jewellers around the world have persistently drummed this into our consciousness.

If you want the best of the 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity, cut), prices can and will skyrocket. But one albeit unusual contender just entered the ring (we couldn’t resist!) along with a very friendly price tag to boot: IUIGA.

IUIGA launches Solitaire Diamond Ring

For a diamond ring that’s as stunning as it is affordable, IUIGA is the one to do you a good turn. Not only does the round brilliant diamond and classic six-prong setting work that timeless simplicity look, but the price also starts at $1799 for 1-carat as compared to it’s $25,000 counterparts.

As of today, the $1799 IUIGA Solitaire is officially sold out! As hell-bent go-getters determined on making our (ring) dreams happen, the brand has two new offerings: the $2099 Solitaire and the >1 Carat Solitaire.

IUIGA’s Solitaire Diamond Ring is setting up to earn a coveted spot on our wishlist; heck, we’re sending the link to our partners ASAP… talk about sly hints.


Infatuated yet? We know we are.

While it’s futile attempting to compete with the more exquisite jewellery brands, IUIGA is giving it their best shot with its first Solitaire Diamond Ring that is bursting with transparent pricing — ideally the same quality, just minus the industry markups.

Transparent Pricing

The home goods and lifestyle brand makes transparency and honest pricing such an important factor that they invite you to know how much quality actually costs.


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