Trying Lancôme’s Famous Génifique For The First Time

The expectations for 24/7 impeccable, snowy skin can be attributed to a few things: (1) genetically blessed celebrities or (2) unrealistic photoshop standards from mainstream media. Stay strong, hun. But if there’s one beauty opinion the masses can agree on, it’s the desire for good skin. We could be right though, since Lancôme introduced their Advanced Génifique Youth-Activating Serum into the scene.

Putting your skin on the fast track to a flawless-level complexion, this lightweight and oil-free serum professes to smoothen, hydrate and enhance your skin’s glow instantaneously in just seven days.

Lancôme Advanced Génifique ($130, 30ml)

With regular use of the serum, it is said to increase your youth proteins (that’s collagen and elastin, for you) and repairs the natural regeneration of the dermis. Combining a powerful blend of probiotics, bifidus and yeast, these supercharged ingredients target the visual signs of youth — fine lines, radiance, texture, firmness — and reactivates your ageing skin.

Has heaven bestowed upon us a skincare miracle worker or could this just be some mighty fine marketing? This Nylon writer finds out.

Application of Lancôme Advanced Génifique

Speaking of an instant glow, I first submitted myself to the Génifique Pro Radiance Service by Lancôme, which uses the Advanced Génifique Youth Activating Serum. This is a professional service provided at all Lancôme counted in Singapore by trained beauty advisors. To sweeten the deal, it is a 15-minute facial massage that is complimentary upon sign up on their official website!

Packed chockful of vitamin E, probiotics and ferulic acid, this 15-minute treatment is said to revitalise your complexion to reveal smooth, radiant skin and… equals to 7 days use of the Génifique Serum alone. Big claims. Here’s how it went down.

Start taking notes.


Once my therapist removed my makeup, she applied a few pumps of the Advanced Génifique Youth-Activating Serum to my face. Next up, the device that helps with the heavy lifting: the Pro Radiance Booster. With ultrasonic technology that operates with 3 million vibrations per second (that’s right, nothing but 100% for my money maker), the suction sensation allowed for increased penetration of the serum. Talk about a treatment that puts in overtime.

As a 10-step skincare routine kind of chick, I constantly reapply serums or lotions throughout the day so that my skin stays hydrated. A bit much, I agree, but if I go a day without such, my skin’s texture literally cries dries up in protest. Yet, after the non-invasive facial, I didn’t feel the need as my skin remained smooth throughout the night.

Serving a glow on-the-go, Lancôme’s ability to instil smooth and brightened skin under 15-minutes has us reaching for a luminous complexion straight out of our #skincaregoals. Sold.

To experience this heavy-duty performance, sign up now and also take home a 7-day trial of the Advanced Génifique.

REVIEW: Lancôme Advanced Génifique 

lancome genfique

Rough skin and grease definitely took a backseat during my 7 days with this serum. For those that are sleep deprived, myself included, should look towards this product. I felt that my cheeks were bouncier,  and my undereye area was visibly brighter. Lacklustre skin, a thing of the past.

As for tackling the other oh-so-common skincare issues such as premature ageing and refining the look of pores, only time will tell. But with what it has done for my skin so far, I’m inclined to credit my fresh complexion to my new Lancôme sidekick.

Never one to keep a beauty secret like HD-friendly skin to myself (and for those eager to leap on the bandwagon), here’s where you can purchase the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Youth-Activating Serum


Sign up here for their Pro Radiance Service and exclusive 7-day trial kit. 

Lancôme Advanced Génifique retails for $130 for 30ml, $170 for 50ml and $220 for 75ml.

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