LEGO’s Dragon Boat Race Set Rows Into Town!

LEGO is an universally iconic childhood toy. For children and adults alike, casual builders and collectors, there is something for everyone. Following the success of the two Lunar New Year themed sets earlier this year, LEGO is proud to announce the Dragon Boat Race set!

This set is part of a wave of Asian themed Spring Festival LEGO sets, and commemorates the traditional Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival is a cultural festival that originates from China and occurs around the summer solstice It commemorates the life and death of the influential Chinese scholar and poet Chu Yuan, who famously drowned himself in the Miluo River. The festival began as a way of searching for his body.

The festival is observed unofficially in Singapore, and includes the preparation and eating of zongzi (glutinous rice dumplings) and dragon boat races.

The set comes with features two  colourful dragon boats, one green and one red. Each boat has a dragon head with an opening mouth and movable tail, three seats for the paddlers, space for the helmsman and drummer to stand, and small wheels underneath so you can send your boats racing!

Additionally, there is a dock with a food stall that comes with a pot, rice bucket, six cooked zongzi, two uncooked zongzi and a food sign. The dock is attached to a viewing area for spectators and the judge’s stand with steps, and even a trophy for the eventual dragon boat champion.

It is wonderful to see Asian culture represented in such an iconic toy, and important for children to have access to toys that reflect their heritage! Will you be purchasing this set?


The LEGO Dragon Boat Race set, $84.90, available at all LEGO participating outlets: Bricksworld, Brickshop, ToysRUs, participating department stores.