Longchamp X nendo Add “!” To Life With Their Minimally Chic Collaboration

What do origami and bags have in common? Well, not much, unless you’re talking specifically about Le Pliage® by Longchamp. In that case, it would be that both are foldable, meticulous constructions.  In this collaboration with Japanese design studio nendo, this is taken a step further as the new generation of Le Pliage® bags undergo some reimagination.

nendo, founded by Oki Sato in 2002, aims to create “!” moments in everyday life through redesigning commonplace objects in new and refreshing styles that enrich the user’s experience. Teamed up with Longchamp, the two brands decided to add a third aspect to the first two of usability and foldability. Thus, the collaboration considered the usefulness of the bag as aesthetically pleasing, functional storage and display objects.

The cone bag comes with a single handle, by which it can be carried or hung on a hook or rail as a minimal decor piece when not in use. It features a leather top, paying homage to the signature flap of the Le Pliage®, through which it can be easily opened and closed. The cone bag comes in two sizes.

The circle bag is a bit of a quirky one that will no doubt bring some amusement, unfolding from a wide, sturdy carrier into a satisfying, clean circle.

Inspired by traditional Japanese furoshiki cloths that were used to carry things to-and-fro, this bag adapts to whatever it carries, making for superb flexibility in its function.

The circle bag comes in two sizes as well.

By virtue of a removable, foldable stiffener, the cube bag is a simple fix for storage and transport, but also a spacious and sturdy wide-bottomed hold-all.  The cube bag comes in three different sizes and its unconventional shape but classic colours makes it chic, yet a statement.

The bags come in a palette of six colours, described as “coloured neutrals” by Longchamp Creative Director Sophie Delafontaine. These colours include the mustard and burgundy pictured above, as well as a sky blue and pale grey. You can also choose between black or white trim. Exclusive to the cone design is a limited addition black lambskin version that nods to the classic Le Pliage® Cuir.

Interesting and fresh, we find the clean colours and lines of these bags to be highly satisfying. “!” factor, confirmed.


Longchamp X nendo, $105 to $265, available from 2 July at Longchamp boutiques. longchamp.com.