Muji – Saving The World One Organic Cotton Top At A Time

It’s becoming environmentally unsustainable to produce cotton – the most common fabric found in clothes. When nearly 25% of the world’s pesticide use comes from cultivating cotton conventionally, it affects not only the environment but the farmers as well.

This is where Muji is striving to make changes.

With each product, Muji puts considerable thought into the impact it has on cotton farmers and the environment. That’s why since 2018, all of Muji’s clothes are made from cotton sourced organically. This Summer 2019, Muji’s latest collection features tops that are made 100% out of organic cotton.

The Uneven Yarn

The cotton tee that provides a refreshing change to the everyday t-shirt. Intentionally woven unevenly, the resulting fabric has an interesting irregular surface. These “imperfections” make for not only pleasing aesthetics but comfort as well.



The Basic T-Shirt

Sourced directly from India and Turkey, the organic cotton that makes up these basic tees are meticulously handpicked to avoid damaging the fibres. This produces softer and better quality threads than those harvested by machines. Specially woven for this collection, the shirt features better shape retention even after washes, especially around the neck and rib area. Wear this with confidence and worry no more about creases!



The Low Count

Do you hate it when your t-shirt’s collar “flowers” after repeated washing? Then you’ve got to try Muji’s Low Count T-Shirts. Designed with a sturdier material and a tight weave, never fuss over a worn collar anymore. Don’t forget to check out the crew neck and wide sleeves addition to the series!



The Ladies’ Sweat-Stain Protection

In Singapore’s dreadfully humid weather, sweat stains are unfortunately here to stay. But what if you could hide it? The Ladies’ Sweat-Stain Protection series has a stretchable fabric with fluff-suppressing thread and most importantly, the surface is water-repellent. So, that’s one less thing to worry about in hot, humid Singapore.

The water-repellent surface of the fabric helps keep the outside area from being stained by sweat from the inside.


The Ladies’ High Twisted

Essential to surviving the dreary Singapore heat, light and comfortable are two important considerations when shopping for clothes. Made from 100% high-twist cotton, trust the Ladies’ High Twisted series to feel light and cool on your skin. Not only that, they’ve been treated to protect you from all the harmful UV rays we get on this sunny island!


NEW! Ladies’ Organic Cotton High Twisted Series, Less 10% (U.P. $39 – $69)

We’re always finding ways to keep cool, so why not give Muji’s Summer collection a go? After all, you’d also be doing the earth a favour!

Muji Summer 2019 available 30 May – 26 June, from $13.90 to $59 at all Muji stores.  For more information, visit Muji’s website here.