Rep Your Hogwarts House With Vans x Harry Potter’s New Collection

Harry Potter fans are often proud to wear their Hogwarts House on their sleeves. While it is not too practical to flounce around in a robe of your sorted house, you can now parade around in comfortable sneakers to represent the house you think you belong in!

Vans collaborated with Warner Bros. Consumer Products for a Harry Potter-inspired shoe collaboration. The four exclusive colorways are named and styled to represent each house from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Bold and dashing like Gryffindors, the Sk8-His come with red and gold stripes beneath the house’s eye-catching lion crest.  Being the only pair with a high-top, it stands out from the lot, like the Gryffindors themselves.




Slytherin, on the other hand, opted for a more subtle way to boast their house’s emblematic animal, the serpent. With faux snakeskin on the Era — it dons a simple yet classy look. Though more simplistic than the other pairs, its house crest was not forgotten and is sewn on the shoe’s tongue tags.


The blue checkerboard design on Ravenclaw’s Authentic is clean-cut and preppy, fitting for the brainiacs of Ravenclaw. Its crest-branded tongue tags and matching laces in the house’s signature blue pulled the uniform-like look neatly together.


Lastly, we have Hufflepuff’s all-black Classic Slip-On. Their emblematic animal, the badger, is adorned on each shoe. This makes it less showy in comparison to its comrades but nonetheless,  reliable and endearing – just like the Hufflepuffs themselves.


That is not all for footwear — if you find yourself unable to decide which Hogwarts House to represent, you can opt for Vans x Harry Potter’s additional footwear style!

The wizarding newspaper, The Daily Prophet, is printed throughout the ComfyCush Era, adding a touch to the collection that would resonate with true Harry Potter fans.


Alongside these sneakers, Vans x Harry Potter also released a selection of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. From backpacks to jackets, your whole outfit will scream “Potterhead”!


Both Potterheads and Sneakerheads alike can anticipate this collection’s release!


This collection will be available at Vans stores from 7 June 2019.

Head over to Vans’ Harry Potter Page for more information.