Travel Wish List: Iceland, Hobbiton and more — Sparked By The NYLON Team’s Wanderlust

Cue the excuse to travel — with a trip to New Zealand or Russia. Morning stroll through old towns to reminisce your favourite movie, breakfast out on a safari, or channelling your inner hobbit with a visit to The Lord of the Rings set? That’s a vacation hard to be beaten in our books. Always one to add onto my travel wish list, we asked the NYLON team on their ideal venture.

The scintillating beauty of history, coupled with that certain je ne sais quoi of discovering the unknown, is why the desire for wanderlust is so appealing. So calling all adventure-seekers: your next escapade begins here.


Photo credit: @jununan

Location: Cremona, Italy
Why you should visit: (No spoilers here if you have yet to watch this film.) To reminisce Call Me By Your Name and see the real-life settings, we figured a trip down to these set locations would be fitting to celebrate the movie that stole our hearts and blew our minds in 2017. Theatrics aside, you can hit up other iconic landmarks — marvelling at the well-preserved Crema Catherdral that stands over four hundred years.

“All I want is to visit the set locations from Call Me By Your Name.”— Wylie, Graphic Designer


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Photo credit: @donnyjkimball

Location: Saitama, Japan
Why you should visit: Forget social media here, this hill of pink moss (Shibazakura) fields suggests a chance to disconnect from the world completely. In a full bloom of cherry blooms and Adonis flowers, the entire field engulfs you in a deep sense of peace and beauty. While it takes about two hours to travel from Tokyo, you can even have a picnic while indulging in some hanami.

“Please tell my boyfriend to propose to me here… or under any flower dome.”— Sinead, Writer


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Photo credit: @r.acevedo91

Location: Reynisfjara, Iceland
Why you should visit: When it comes to sating your wanderlust, this black sand beach is the buzzword for panorama views. Formed from heavily eroded volcanic rocks, the black sand beach is also home to Basalt Columns. The locals recommend to visit later at night when there are lower tides. When in Iceland, do what the Icelanders do — rent a car and drive to this beach.

“I have always wanted to see the black sand beaches. I heard it’s black volcanic sand and it would be pretty cool to witness it first hand.”— Natalie, Editorial Intern


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Photo credit: @manjarimitra

Location: Matamata, New Zealand
Why you should visit: Anyone up for an adventure? Step back in time to relive the authentic Hobbit way of life, starting with the private farmland that was used as a set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. The guided tours will bring you on a Middle-earth adventure that shows you the hobbit holes and explain how the movie was filmed. *Adds to travel wish list immediately*

“What, of course this is a real place! Now that Game of Thrones is over with one heck of a bittersweet ending (perhaps more bitter for some), what better way for a pop culture nerd to console his/her wistful heart than to revisit the fantasy world of J.R.R Tolkien? Nothing can go wrong in the Shire — which makes it the perfect place of solace for any wandering soul.”— Amelia, Deputy Editor


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Photo credit: @lakers

Location: Los Angeles, California
Why you should visit: Home to the Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Sparks, the Staples Center is undoubtedly the pride and joy of the sports and entertainment scene. It’s a temple of its own; an arena that has housed prestigious concerts starring Taylor Swift to Madonna, and sporting events from all over the world.

“I’ve always been a Lakers fan and it’ll be the highlight of my life to see my favourite team play, and get free tacos when we keep opponents under 100 points!”— Nick, Writer


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Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Why you should visit: You’ll make frequent pit-stops here — undoubtedly gazing at godly sculptures from ancient Egypt to antique bronzes. Showcasing exhibitions like the perished settlement of Pompeii to a display of Annie Leibovitz’s photographs, visitor numbers are known to reach an all-time high. We’re also particularly fond of the architectural gold detailing on the ceiling.

“It’s one of the biggest collections of Western European art with five different buildings to explore, so it’s a unique experience as opposed to convention art museums!”— Elisabeth, Editorial Intern


Photo credit: @thomas_michael84

Location: Marrakech, Morocco
Why you should visit: The Majorelle Garden is half art deco, half charm, and all parts exotic. Fun fact: the cobalt blue house was actually bought by fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent in the 1980s. The connecting villa also houses some of Jacques Majorelle’s (the designer) and Saint-Laurent’s personal collections. Make sure to take your time for its two and a half acres garden, the perfect antidote if you’re in need of a haven of serenity.

“There’s something about it that evokes mystery, romance and charm, that’s different from the other countries on the map. The architecture, the culture, the people — it’s like riding into your very own Arabian nights fantasy!”— Shazrina, Writer


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Photo credit: @wanderlustexel

Location: Zimbabwe, Africa
Why you should visit: With wilderness at the forefront, you’ll find some of Southern Africa’s remaining wildlife such as the great elephant, buffalo and sable herds. Hopefully, the idyllic snapshots will keep you sated post-vacation. Zimbabwe is also home to the Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in the world named after Queen Victoria!

“For my travel wish list, I want to visit the safari, ride in one of those safari jeeps and roam around freely with the animals; elephants, in particular, because they are my favourite animal!”— Germaine, Editorial Intern

Written by Sinead Lee.