Ultra Singapore 2019 Just Dropped Their Phase 2 Lineup!

Ultra Singapore is just ’round the corner and if you haven’t got the deets on one of the biggest parties of the year, then fret not — because we’ve got the scoop. For the fourth consecutive year, Ultra Singapore is making its way back to our sunny island with yet another 2-day invasion. Billed as one of the most highly anticipated music festivals, revel in delight as you dance your heart out to globetrotting headliners like Martin Garrix and Skrillex.

With just a month to the event, Ultra Singapore has just revealed its second wave of acts — including other DJs like Porter Robinson, AXWELL and Knife Party — who’ll hit the decks for a non-stop music marathon, promising solid grooves from the off. One-Day tickets for Sunday’s set are running low, and have all been sold out for Saturday’s — nonetheless, Two-Day passes are still available but we’re unsure of how many that are left so we suggest you grab yours quick before they’re all snatched up!

Read on to find out more about the headlining acts below.



Whether he’s spinning on the festival’s main stage or on your favourite Spotify playlist, Dutch DJ, Martin Garrix is set to bring yet another unforgettable set this year with his spin of mixups and mashups here at Ultra. Known famously for his hit single, ‘Animals’ which dominated the music scene, (predominantly in the EDM sphere), the 23-year-old will continue to take electronic music to new and unprecedented heights here at Ultra Singapore 2019.



Making his first appearance here in Singapore is none other than electronic music legend, Porter Robinson, himself. The Grammy-nominated electronic dance music producer just announced that he will be launching his own festival called Multiverse where he’ll be spinning at in Oakland, California this June but that’s beside the point. With his new track, ‘God Rays’ that was released earlier on this February, along with a string of his famous tunes, Porter Robinson’s set is definitely worth looking forward to this June at Ultra Singapore.


Skrillex at Road to Ultra Singapore in 2015 (Photo Courtesy)

If there’s any DJ who knows how to make the party go wild (and yes we mean, REAL wild), you’d best believe it’s Skrillex! It may not be his first appearance here on our small island, but anyone who has attended any of Skrillex’s set is sure to come back for more. Revered as a master of the electronic and dubstep genres, the American DJ turned heads with his hit singles like ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Spirits’ in 2010 and ‘Bangarang’ in 2011.


Get your hands on early bird tickets here at Ultra Singapore’s website. Prices range from $158 to $268 each. 

DATE: 8 — 9 JUNE 2019 (Saturday and Sunday)
VENUE: Ultra Park, 1 Bayfront Avenue (opposite Marina Bay Sands Hotel)