UNIQLO Brings KAWS’ Sculptures To Life With The KAWS: Summer Collection

UNIQLO has collaborated with contemporary artist KAWS once again, bringing his sculptures BFF and Companion to life with the KAWS: Summer collection. Take a look at BFF and Companion wearing and carrying the items from this collection below.



The artist’s iconic hybrid of human and cartoon characters is well-received all over the world, having seen his characters featured in collaborations with global brands like Dior and Vans. The KAWS: SUMMER collection will be made accessible to a global audience, meaning you can get your hands on the pieces easily. That being said, we suggest that you better get these ASAP before they’re sold out, as The Museum of Modern Art’s website crashed when it released limited supplies of the $200 KAWS Companion action figure back in 2017.



To get you deciding which pieces to snap up before its launch, here’s a quick look at the full collection.



If you’re not afraid of professing your love for KAWS on the streets, get the UTs and tote bags that can be spotted with the artist’s characters even from afar. As for those who prefer more toned-down pieces, the UTs and tote bags with printed motifs make a good buy.


KAWS: Summer collection, from $14.90 to $19.90.
Available online and at all UNIQLO stores from 3 June 2019.