5 “Extra” Ways To Throw A Birthday Party In Singapore

Has your Instagram feed been flooded with birthday dessert tables and fancy backdrops of a certain theme — usually floral or rustic with those mandatory fairy lights? Not forgetting those huge number balloons that seem to pop up in every photo!

It is starting to seem like that is the only way to throw a birthday party in Singapore. We are here to change things up a little with a list of 5 unconventional ways to celebrate your birthday:

1. Be one with nature as you go “glamping”

Still like your floral and rustic aesthetic? In dire need for some fairy lights to light up your party? Here’s an alternative you can opt for in which you can actually put those fairy lights to good use!

Photo Credit: GlampingCity

Go “glamping” (glamorous camping) and enjoy the ocean breeze while you dine out with your close family and friends. Cosy, adventurous and a lot more comfortable than the camping tents we are used to, you can retire into your nicely-decorated tents for a good night’s rest by the beach.


Photo Credit: GlampingCityGlamping Society, Glampingkaki


GlampingCity offers both accommodation and picnic tents, giving you the option to camp overnight or have a picnic for a few hours.

Accommodation Tents

  • Couple Deluxe: 1 queen size bed, accommodates up to 2 adults ($170)
  • Family Suite: 2 double beds, accommodates up to 6 adults ($240)
  • Jumbo Tent: 3 queen size beds, accommodates up to 8 adults ($280)
  • Premium Suite: 1 queen size bed, accommodates up to 2 adults. Equipped with an indoor movie theatre, wifi and speaker, a fairylight pathway and hammock ($380)

Picnic Tents

  • 4 pax: $119
  • 8 pax: $169
  • 10 pax: $199

You can add a birthday package (from $239) to your booking too!

For more, visit their website.

Glamping Society

Tents come in medium, large and jumbo sizes.

  • Birthday Package: 1 large tent, picnic set-up (6 pax), 500g birthday cake, 1 bottle of wine/sparkling juice, 2 large pizza, 10 helium balloons, 1 giant float and a birthday banner ($429)
  • Premium Birthday Package: 1 jumbo tent, picnic set-up (10 pax), 1 kg birthday cake, 2 large pizza, assorted pastries and desserts, 30 helium balloons, 1 giant float/hammock, 1 gazebo shelter/lace gazebo and outdoor cinema ($699)

For more, visit their website.

  • Couple Deluxe Medium Bell Tent: 1 queen size bed, 2 pax ($150)
  • Standard Medium Bell Tent: 2 queen size beds, 4 pax ($180)
  • Superior Large Bell Tent: 3 queen size beds, 6 pax ($240)

You can add a birthday package ($90) to your booking too!

For more, visit their website.

2. Set sail on a yacht party

I know what you’re thinking — this is not cheap! The most affordable yacht for rent is easily between $400 to $500 and that is only to house about 12 people. After getting food, cake and party decorations, you would probably burn a hole in your pocket. However, if you have the bucks to blow, then why not rent a yacht and wind down out in the sea?


Photo Credits: YachtCharter.sg, Yachtly, Singapore Yacht Charter


From $1070 onwards for 14 pax.

For more, visit their website.


From $559.81 onwards for 22 pax.

For more, visit their website.

Singapore Yacht Charter
  • From $599 onwards for 8 pax on weekdays.
  • From $799 onwards for 8 pax on weekends.

For more, visit their website.

3. Dive in for a pool party

Love the water but unwilling to blow your cash on a yacht party? Opt for a more affordable way to soak up all the fun — a pool party!

Don’t have a pool at home? You can host it at a family member’s or friend’s condominium, book a chalet or hotel and you’re good to go!


Photo Credit: LetsFloatSg, Beachyfloat

What is a pool party without these Instagrammable floats? You can rent one (or five!) from float rental services and document your splashing good time with pictures of you lounging on the back of a unicorn float.

  • Confetti Bundle (5 floats): 1 premium, 1 large, 1 medium, 1 small, 1 any size, 4 drink floats, 1 electric pump ($100)
  • Glamour Bundle (8 floats): 2 premium, 2 large, 2 medium, 2 small, 6 drink floats, 2 electric pumps ($169)
  • Fiesta Bundle (12 floats): 3 premium, 3 large, 3 medium, 3 small, 10 drink floats, 3 electric pumps ($255)

For more, visit their website.


Offering bundles from $45 (floats + drink floats), categorised according to themes, you can pick the perfect one for your themed pool party! Here are some options:

  • Foodie Bundle: $45
  • Rainbow Bundle: $62
  • Luxe Bundle A/B: $65

For more, visit their website.

4. Go club-hopping in a party van

Is the nightlife scene your kind of party? Grab a group of friends with the same sentiments and go club-hopping in a party van! With a vehicle to bring your whole posse around town, you will get to cover a lot more clubs than you usually can on an average night. You can also avoid the hassle of public transportation or midnight surcharge from taxis and transport your party from club to club.


Photo Credit: Party Bus Singapore, Party Van Singapore

With the interior of your party van booming like a night club, you’ll be partying even on your way to the party!

Party Bus Singapore
  • 7 Pax: from $85 (single location), $180 per hour (several locations)
  • 9 Pax: from $95 (single location), $180 per hour (several locations)
  • 13 Pax: from $105 (single location), $180 per hour (several locations)
  • Premium: from $125 (single location), $205 per hour (several locations)

For more, visit their website.

Party Van Singapore

Promotion Party Ride in City (best for bar/club hopping or pub crawls)

  • 9 Pax: $85
  • 10-13 Pax: $105

Hourly Charter (including multiple stops & waiting time)

  • 1 hour: $180
  • 2 hours: $350
  • 3 hours: $500

Karaoke system in the van is also available at $250 per hour!

For more, visit their website.

5. Throwback to your childhood with a McDonald’s birthday party

Remember those birthday parties at your neighbourhood McDonald’s? Though the memory is tucked in the far corner of my brain where I store fading childhood memories, I vaguely recall balloons and the unforgettable scent of McDonald’s Happy Meal in one of those cardboard boxes with handles shaped like their iconic “M”.


Photo Credits: McDonald’s Hong Kong, ANdyStorm, Truphotos, MyFatPocket

Be it for the laughs or simply bittersweet nostalgia, you could pop by with your herd of adult friends for a nostalgic birthday party — perfect for those of you who are always a child at heart!

McDonald’s party package (minimum 15 pax) includes: choice of happy meals, party invitation cards, party hats, an exclusive present for the birthday celebrant, gifts for invited guests, game prizes and a Party Chaperone to host the party and organise games.

  • Indoor Party: $12 per guest
  • Outdoor Party: $11 per guest

For that final touch to your McDonald’s party, you can order the Ronald McDonald’s birthday cake (700g) at party hubs for $26!

For more, visit their website.