Go Backstage With The Sam Willows x Dior

It’s official: The Sam Willows announced their hiatus in end May 2019.


While that devastated many of their fans, the quartet never actually left the public’s eye.

From having their own solo activities (music, acting etc.) to appearing in the music video of the National Day Parade 2019’s theme song, the band remained in their spotlight.


Naturally, that sparked off several unanswered questions about their uncertain reunion and possible disbandment.

Back with some answers, the band uploaded a backstage video in collaboration with Dior.

They went from sharing skincare and beauty tips to answering questions about their current entertainment and fashion preferences.

For instance, we found out that Sandra thinks she looks best in the colour black — we agree.

Narelle shared some beauty tips: to moisturise everyday and… use mayonnaise on our hair?!

Jon is currently rewatching Modern Family season one and Ben wants to play Lizzie McGuire in The Lizzie McGuire Movie. Interesting choice.

When asked who looks better in drag between the guys, Sandra picked Jon. Now, that’s something we’d like to see.

But what passionate fans really want to know is not which Friends character Ben relates to the most — it’s Ross, by the way. The real question is: is The Sam Willows disbanding? This is hinted at, right at the end of the 7 min-long video.

We hear a voice off-camera, cueing the band to prepare for their performance. While the trio exits the frame, Narelle sets the camera down and uttered a coy “we’ll be back” — from their performance or hiatus, we aren’t sure. We can only hope she meant the latter.