Here’s What You Can Expect At L’OCCITANE’s First Beauty Market!

We’ve come a long way with pop-ups over the past few months and if there’s one thing that we absolutely love about them, it’d definitely be the fact that they’re oh-so-Instagrammable. (I mean, with so many photo opportunities, what’s there not to love about it?) Take, for instance, L’OCCITANE’s first-ever Beauty Market. To reserve a slot, visit:

Now you may have heard of it from our previous article, but this Beauty Market isn’t just like any other pop-up. How so? Rustic-themed stations fill the garden-like space with an abundance of flora and fauna that resonate well with the French beauty brand’s identity that preserves the traditions of its native Provence. At the event, you’ll also get to experience the beauty and science behind some of L’OCCITANE’s highly raved products through a range of activities that have been lined up just for you — psst, we heard that there’s also a Shea Butter Creamery station where you can produce some Shea Butter of your own! (Oh, and win some other attractive prizes at the same time too of course.)

But okay, enough with the talk — if you’re wondering what other stuff L’OCCITANE has in store for you then look no further. We’ve got a preview of the Beauty Market and we’ve to admit — this pop-up is seriously bringing its A-game when it comes to a multi-sensorial experience.

Located at Basement 4 of ION Orchard, be welcomed by the vast array of fresh flowers at the entrance of the Beauty Market. The flowers are, in fact, some of the fresh key ingredients that are used in a lot of L’OCCITANE’s iconic products.


So where do you get started? Check the Jaubert’s Almond Milk station. If there’s one thing L’OCCITANE is known for, it’d definitely have to be their sustainable efforts in production — just like these fresh almonds from Valensole.

Jaubert’s Almond Milk Station

It isn’t exactly the kind of almonds you’d typically have, in fact, their unique blend of almond oil transforms into a milky form when it comes into contact with water. We’re not lying — we’ll just let pictures do the talking.


Next up, the Walk of Aroma. Besides the fact that it’s totally Instagram-worthy (ladies, you know what to do), this canopy-like structure is filled with lush greenery and BUBBLES! You read that right. And no, they’re not just any ordinary bubbles — they’re scented. No kidding.

Don’t miss out on these scented bubbles at the Walk of Aroma station!

When these bubbles pop, they reveal a sweet smelling scent that’s reminiscent of L’OCCITANE’s Aromachologie hair care range.

At the end of the station, you can also get a free hair diagnosis where you’ll get to learn and discover more about your hair and the types of shampoo and conditioners that would best suit you!


Love the Divine Youth Oil as much as we do? Well, this station’s made for you. Learn the secret behind one of the brand’s bestselling products and try it out on yourself here at Pascale’s Essential Oils.

Did you know that it takes 1,000kg of Immortelle flowers to make 2kg of the essential oil? We’re not kidding!

You weren’t exactly at the Beauty Market if you didn’t take a shot at the Reset Fountain featuring the ever-so-popular Immortelle Reset Serum — duh! No surprises here but if you didn’t know about L’OCCITANE’s bestselling Immortelle Reset Serum, where have you been all this time?


Aside from the four must-see stations, be sure to check out the Provence Petals. In place of your usual paper testers, try out some of L’OCCITANE’s well-loved fragrances by spritzing it onto these handcrafted paper flowers! Not only do you get to take a whiff of the fragrances but it’s also a cute memento for you to bring home at the end of the day.


The Shea Butter Creamery is one that’s not to be missed. Ever wondered how Shea Butter is made? Well, you’ll be glad to know that this station has it all. Scan the QR code located at the entry of the Beauty Market and you’ll be taken to L’OCCITANE’s very own interactive portal where you’ll get a chance to play their Shea Shake Shea game! Depending on your score, you’ll be able to redeem yourself some attractive prizes from the station too — bronze, silver or gold, you won’t be walking out empty-handed fo’sure.


Swinging by the Beauty Market on Monday? Well, you’re in for a treat! From  12-2PM and 6-8PM, create your own bath treat with a range of fresh flowers, spices and salts for you to choose from. Use it as a bath salt, body scrub or even a foot scrub, and give yourself that long overdue TLC that you’ve been procrastinating about.


ATTENTION ALL NYLON READERS! We’ve got an exclusive just for you. Flash this article at the counter when making a purchase the L’OCCITANE Beauty Market from June 27 to June 30, and redeem a pair of these adorable travel-sized L’OCCITANE bath and shower gels. We repeat, any purchase. It’s only limited to the first 50 customers, so if I were you, I’d rush over to the pop-up to get my hands on the set, stat!


Date: 27 June, Thursday to 9 July, Tuesday

Venue: ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801, Basement 4

Skip the queue and reserve your slot at the Beauty Market here: