6 Hot Local Music Acts To Add To Your Playlist, Stat!

The local music scene has been making waves over recent years here in Singapore and if you haven’t had a listen to any of them, then it’s about time you put them on your radar. Whether you’re into indie rock, electronica, pop or even R&B, we’ve rounded up six of the hottest homegrown acts that you need to know about, stat.

1. YAØ

It’s hard to miss someone as talented as this wunderkind. Shaking up the music scene in Singapore is none other than singer-songwriter-producer YAØ himself. Informed by his love for R&B, Hip Hop and Pop, the multi-hyphenated artiste first dropped his single, ‘No Stress’, on Spotify back in 2018 and has seen a rise in the likes of many with his smooth, hypnotic vocals paired with his breezy and uncomplicated tunes, that’s sure to get you hooked at first listen.

When asked to describe his sound, YAØ says, “I would describe my music to be greatly inspired by R&B/Hip Hop and Pop music. I would say my music is like a love child of urban soul and contemporary pop.

Being quite a new and upcoming singer-songwriter, I am constantly pursuing a different unique musical direction.

In the near future, I hope to put out more music that will push the boundaries of how people view Singapore’s music scene and also show how much potential we have in this little red dot.”

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2. brb.

What started out as a casual and fun project, with their love for R&B, Hip Hop and Soul, turned this trio into one of the most sought after groups in 2019 here in Singapore. With their first debut in late 2018, brb has taken the local music scene by storm with some of their popular hits, such as ‘Cool With It’ and their latest single ‘Whoops’ that was released earlier on in June 2019.


“It’s incredibly vibrant and varied. While still a relatively small scene the rapid growth and potential is exciting and that’s what makes us happy to be a part of it.”


“It’s great! Can’t help but feel special when there are fewer bands and more solo artists these days. The collaboration and camaraderie are fulfilling and we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.”


“We’ve got a new single coming in August and the EP should be out towards the end of the year. We’re really excited about the new music we’ll be putting out through the rest of the year and the next.”

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3. 10vacations

Otherwise, most famously known by her moniker, 10vacations, Nurrisha is one of the up-and-coming homegrown talents that’s definitely worth the listen. Think: Dream-like vocals and eclectic instrumentation — it’s sure to whisk you away into a dreamy musical landscape like never before.

Initially, a bedroom project, 10vacations embodies a distinct lo-fi charm, that draws inspiration by the musical influences from the obsolete tracks of her childhood and aptly enough, the harmonies derived from her travels.

Earlier on in June 2019, 10vacations released her first melancholic debut single, ‘Capitol Theatre’, and all we have to say is, it’s our favourite heartbreak anthem that we’ve got on repeat.

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4. Islandeer

Budding music duo, Islandeer, first released their debut single earlier on this year in February, 2019, and here’s what we think: it’s fresh, it’s experimental and it’s, hands down, an earworm.

With a mutual love for 60s Pop, 70s Rock, modern psychedelia and indie rock, Islandeer’s fresh set of tunes spark sensational synths — that’s reminiscent of the Australian psychedelic music project, Tame Impala, alongside other musical influences like The Beatles, Mac DeMarco, Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club and The Strokes, just to name a few.

Consisting of Christian Jansen and Michael Garcia, the Singaporean duo rides fresh off the waves with their hit single Momento which basically revolves around the common theme of heartbreak that we can all relate to (or so I presume).

Islandeer has since launched 4 new songs to their lists, with another single that’s set to come out in September. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for this one.

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Fans of indie pop, this one’s for you. Talented homegrown quartet, M1LDL1FE has been no stranger to the scene and here’s why. Known for their lush electronic textures and eclectic dance grooves, this indie-pop grain serves a fresh and grittier sonic palette that’s sure to make you change your mind about the music scene here in Singapore.

Our favourite track? Without a doubt, it’d be ‘Distraction’. Since its release in 2017, the track has garnered a whopping 800,000 plays on Spotify, and counting.

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6. Disco Hue 

Currently known to be one of Singapore’s hottest acts, Disco Hue definitely needs no introduction. Established in 2012, the synth-pop quartet first took on a few stage performances and gigs before coming up with their debut EP ‘Arcade’ in 2016.

From their unique blend of synth-pop and boogie-savvy disco tunes to their newfangled aesthetics, these local frontrunners seem to have everything on lock. With the release of their latest album ‘The Yearbook’, it’s clear that this iconic quartet has proven that the local scene isn’t slowing down anytime soon.


“We feel that it is important to have different genres of music represented in the local music scene, and our album comprises of a mixture of new jack swing, urban pop, RnB, with a retro flair. By delving into these lesser-heard styles, we are able to pave the way for other local bands and encourage diversity in our music scene.” 


As a band, we place a huge emphasis on our artistic and aesthetic values so as to create good and meaningful art that would define ourselves as artists and musicians of our time. Working independently for a while now with our previous video productions, we discovered that collaboration is a good way to raise and push various pillars of creative efforts and production quality amongst our peers and network. Moving forward from our first album, we will be exploring the potential to collaborate with artists that we respect and admire to create more meaningful content for our listeners!”

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