6 Quirky Things You Can Buy At Changi Airport

Besides being a top airport hub (crowned Best Airport in The World 16 times, baby!), Changi Airport’s also well-known for its amazing amenities. So much so someone intentionally missed their flight just to spend four days living in the airport.

They’ve got a rooftop swimming pool, free movies and amazing retail therapy for all you shopaholics. After all, they’re among the top three airports in the world in terms of retail sales. But besides the usual shopping suspects, did you know you can find really quirky items? Here’s a list of six random items — some you might not even expect!

1. Crocodile oil

Crocodile Oil via Now Boarding by Changi Airport

There’s a huge range of skincare oils out in the market. From coconut to tea tree oil, you name it, someone’s got it. But have you heard of oil from… a crocodile? While it may sound fishy (or crikey?), you’ll have FOMO (fear of missing out) when you realise how effective it can be. Harvested from the croc’s fatty tissues, this oil is rich in amino acids, collagen proteins, taurine, unsaturated fatty acids and minerals — all the good stuff in reducing acne, and other skin conditions.

Where you can find it: Discover Singapore – Terminals 1 to 4, Level 2, Departure Lounge and Guardian Health & Beauty – Terminals 1 and 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge. For more info, click here.

2. Oysters extract

Oyster Extract via Now Boarding by Changi Airport

Fresh oysters are delish, but have you tried them as a health supplement? Made from dried and ground oyster meat, it’s packed into tablet form and available in a bottle of 90 pills. Pop one of these and you’ll find yourself recovering from fatigue and tiredness. TIme to shellebrate!

Where you can find it: Guardian Health & Beauty in the Departure Lounge of Terminals 1 and 2. For more info, click here.

3. Massage chairs

OSIM Massage Chair via Now Boarding by Changi Airport

Why How do you shop for a massive massage chair when you’re about to fly? Well, if you can it shipped to your home country, the question should be: why not, right? If size is a concern, there’s always the uGalaxy Eye Massager, which will surely fit in any carry-ons!

Where you can find it: OSIM – Terminal 2, Level 2, Departure Lounge (near F Gates). For more info, click here.

4. YOTELAIR — Transit hotel with nifty amenities

YOTELAIR Transit Hotel via Changi Airport Group

Question: You’re on a layover for a few hours, or maybe even many hours, what do you do? Answer: YOTELAir.

Located in Jewel, this transit hotel allows for flexible check-ins and outs, 24 hours of the day. Whether you need a few hours for work, a quick gym workout, shower or even just to take a nap, they’ve got the amenities, all at affordable pricing. Make sure you check out the other transit hotels too, including Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel, Ambassador Transit Hotel in Terminals 2 and 3 and JetQuay Suites located at the JetQuay CIP Terminal.

Where you can find it: #04-280 Jewel Changi Airport. For more info, click here.

5. Postnatal care packs

Postnatal Care Pack via Eu Yan Seng

You don’t see this too often, but it makes for a thoughtful gift for friends or family welcoming a new addition to the family. This postnatal care pack from Eu Yan Seng comes with a 28-day nourishment plan that includes Blood Nourishment Soup Packs, Bak Foong Pills, So Hup Pills, appetite enhancement soup pack, energising soup pack and more.

Where you can find it: Eu Yan Sang – Terminals 1,2 and 4, Level 2, Departure Lounge. For more info, click here.

6. Artsy contemporary porcelain


via Supermama

Bring back a little piece of Singapore with you with Supermama’s “omiyage” (souvenir in Japanese). They are a firm supporter of Singapore design with Japanese craftsmanship. Located in Jewel, this Singapore gallery store produces meaningful and thoughtfully handcrafted giftware, such as the quality porcelain pieces pictured above.

Where you can find it: #02-207 Jewel Changi Airport. For more info, click here.