The Best Traditional Mooncakes That Will Surely Impress Your Relatives!

Family reunions aren’t always considered a stress-free environment. You might encounter intrusive relatives reminding you of your biological clock or that cousin who constantly boasts about their luxe lifestyle. To prepare for the Mid-Autumn Festival gatherings (and to keep a positive spotlight on you), we prepared a guide of some of the best traditional mooncakes that pulls double duty with its taste and look.

To meet that tall order, these brands are here to save your holiday spirit… and sanity.

The Capitol Kempinski Hotel

traditional mooncakes

Say what you will about traditional mooncakes, but it has become kind of an underdog since more newfangled mooncake creations have surfaced over the years. But traditional mooncakes still reign as the treat of the season at this hotel. The new offerings feature four flavours — American fig, caramel mixed nuts, golden corn and white lotus seed paste with yolk. Traditionalists, you’ve been heard.

Price range: $64+
Availability: The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore from 8 Aug – 13 Sep 2019.


traditional mooncakes

Love read bean? We don’t blame you. To satisfy everyone’s cravings and keep things interesting, Bakerzin lines up an aptly named collection called Bean There. Cute. Aside from smooth red bean paste and egg yolk blend, it comes in boxes of two; perfect for gifting your in-laws (and possibly delay the reminder of future grandchildren). *Wink* 

Price range: $32+
Availability: Bakerzin outlets and online starting from now till 13 Sep 2019.
Early bird discount: 10% off till 23 Aug 2019.

Shang Social

traditional mooncakes

If Yanxi Palace was your relative’s weakness, Shang Social has come in clutch with their mooncake box resembling that of an imperial jewellery box. Their Four Treasures collection features traditional mooncakes in four flavours. From reduced sugar white lotus paste with double egg yolks to black sesame with tao and cashew nuts, your relatives will be calling you “皇后娘娘 “.

Price range: $80+
Availability: Shang Social from 27 Jul – 13 Sep 2019.

Shanghai Tang

traditional mooncakes

With mooncake season being such a hot topic, Shanghai Tang is collecting coins with their luxury mooncake set. Since first impressions are (almost) everything, this packaging wins our vote for most impressive with its intricate paper artwork and built-in lights. Each of these traditional mooncakes are also filled with silky soft custard filling. Sold.

Price range: $98+
Availability: Shanghai Tang boutiques from 13 Aug – 13 Sep 2019. Preorder online.
Early bird discount: 15% off till 31 Jul 2019

The Marmalade Pantry

traditional mooncakes

So what does it take to stand out in the mooncake scene? This bistro’s formula for success is not complete without their limited edition ruby red bag made from PU leather. Housed inside, their gift sets are replete with hearty, traditional flavour options (think: charcoal mooncake with black sesame and macadamia nuts with white lotus paste), but above all, they also have low-sugar options.

Price range: $64+
Availability: The Marmalade Pantry from 8 Aug – 13 Sep 2019. Preorder online.
Early bird discount: 25% off till 31 Aug 2019.

Tim Ho Wan

traditional mooncakes

Some traditional mooncakes designs are harder to execute than others. The most sought after: the inscription of good tidings. Well wishes have been given — literally — in these set of mooncakes by Tim Ho Wan.  They include: to increase luck and longevity, perfect happiness, fortune shines on you. But the star of the show is their signature mooncake trio — low sugar pandan and lotus seed, black sesame and melon seed, and single yolk low sugar white lotus paste.

Price range: $25+
Availability: Tim Ho Wan from end Jul – 13 Sep 2019. Preorder online.

Si Chuan Dou

traditional mooncakes

Not just confined to typical flavours, this place adds a refreshing concoction to their low-sugar mooncake repertoire: red bean paste with preserved orange mooncake. We suggest pairing them with pu-er tea to compliment the zestiness. Housed in a baby blue box, you’ll find the case embellished with delicate peacock motifs complete with gold knobs.

Price range: $64+
Availability: Si Chuan Dou from 1 Aug – 13 Sep 2019. Preorder online.
Early bird discount: 15 – 25% off for specific cardmembers from 1 Aug – 13 Sep 2019.