Crabtree & Evelyn Is Back! And With A Bold Message Too

Rejoice! Our favourite brand for the best-smelling hand creams is back with a new identity (and new launches!). Crabtree & Evelyn left fans lost when they closed all stores worldwide earlier this year with the plan of moving onto the online shopping sphere. 



Well, they’re back now with a rebranded identity that will set off the wanderlust in you. And no wonder that, as their brand mission was inspired by the ethos of its founder and nature and wanderlust enthusiast, Cyrus Harvey. With the mantra ‘Born Curious. Grown Wild.’, the brand hopes to inspire its community to reignite their passion for exploration and connection. 



If you’re thinking why a brand would care about how you feel, it’s because Crabtree & Evelyn is eager to connect with its consumers and reinvent the relationship between brands and consumers. It believes that today’s social media-driven and connected consumers are yearning for brands to connect with them. To reflect that, Crabtree & Evelyn has evolved to become a social-first brand that exists digitally, using authentic storytelling to echo the modern values of its new brand, and the Millennial and Gen Z  consumers. 

With the mission to connect with its audience, Crabtree & Evelyn will boast innovative customer care initiatives on their new online website. The platform will also have how-to videos and other content in hopes of creating a community there.

The brand’s products and packaging are also getting a makeover! There will be two new core collections introduced on the online platform 一 Evelyn Rose and Crabtree. Featuring a clean new look, these collections include skincare products such as cleansing balms and masks and aromatherapy like candles and perfumes. They even have tea and diffusers, and of course, hand creams! 

Evelyn Rose



Evelyn Rose has undergone a complete reformulation from the old Evelyn Rose with an emphasis on embracing the thorns of the roses, to symbolise modern women. Centred around hydration from its signature ingredients rosewater and rosehip oil, the products are anything but sweet, or subtle. None of that baby powder-ish rose smell here folks!




On the other hand, Crabtree is the first genderless offering from the brand, to highlight the brand’s belief in inclusivity. Pretty cool, we’ve got to admit. The star ingredient in this collection is apple AHAs, which is gentle yet effective.

We’re feeling inspired by Crabtree & Evelyn’s message and we’re excited to welcome them back into our hands!


Crabtree & Evelyn, $15 to $118, available online at Crabtree & Evelyn.