If Your Skin Needs To Hydrate, Check Out CHANEL’s HYDRA BEAUTY Collection

If there’s one thing we all want, it’s naturally glowing, radiant skin. But we can’t always get what we want — or can we? CHANEL has created the HYDRA BEAUTY collection, and with 14 ultra-hydrating products, it’s everything your skin’s been thirsting for. The collection ranges across a variety of formulas, most of which are suitable for all skin types, but targets those of you who may be struggling with dry, dull skin. If you think your skin needs a little boost, the collection promises to improve hydration, vitality and skin texture with their clinically-evaluated formulas.

With the power of the emblematic white camellia and microfluidic technology, this is a skincare range like no other. Developed from the camellia flower, the extremely hydrating Camellia Alba PFA* helps to rebuild and maintain the natural moisture levels of the skin, while the Camellia Alba OFA** boosts moisture and offers an intense smoothing effect for replenished skin. Along with the Blue Ginger PFA, a powerful antioxidant that protects and reinforces the skin, these active ingredients are an imperative addition to your beauty regime.



With all these active ingredients in the mix, we know we’d want to make the most of it, and that’s exactly what CHANEL has done. The cold-extracted stem cells that give us the camellia fresh cells are carefully preserved in delicate micro-droplets that only burst upon application, providing the skin with the purest vitamins and nutrients the camellia has to offer. Read on for a little guide on the entire HYDRA BEAUTY line.

For Dry Skin Types



Start your routine with the HYDRA BEAUTY Lotion Very Moist. The perfect first step of any beauty routine, this rich lotion transforms into a soft, water-like gel, which balances out the skin. With the help of the magnetic water complex, this formula leaves the skin immensely hydrated, attracting, capturing and retaining water molecules. 

Step two would be the HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum, the first serum composed of camellia micro-droplets. Based on an exclusive patented technology derived from Microfluidics, camellia extract is released from the micro-droplets the moment they are applied to the skin, continuously hydrating and plumping the skin for up to 24 hours. 


HYDRA BEAUTY Camellia Water Cream ($96)


The HYDRA BEAUTY Camellia Water Cream comes next, and this formula promises to leave skin even-toned and beautifully radiant. Fine lines are smoothed, pores are diminished and the complexion is left clear and luminous. With added hyaluronic to plump and smooth, on top of fine pearly particles that revive natural radiance, the skin is left perfectly prepped for makeup application.

The nighttime calls for Chanel’s HYDRA BEAUTY Nutrition – Nourishing and Protective Cream. Specially targeting weakened and dry skin, this active formula works to reinforce the cellular self-defence system, reactivating the skin’s natural hydration while strengthening and soothing it. This rich cream gently melts away while the skin regains its natural radiance.

For Oily Skin Types



Starting off with the HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence, this formula promises to instantly revive and energise skin. The first hydrating and energising liquid essence with 5,000 camellia micro-droplets, this formula contains all the strength of an essence with the texture of fresh water. Delivering a literal explosion of nutrients and benefits, the complexion is given a watery glow as the skin is prepared to receive the rest of the skincare routine.


HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence ($143)


For light but continuous hydration, the HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum is your best bet. For up to 24 hours, the camellia extract released from micro-droplets keeps your skin hydrated and plump.

End your routine with the HYDRA BEAUTY Camellia Water Cream, which leaves skin even-toned and beautifully radiant, finishing up the perfect canvas for makeup.

For Normal Skin Types



Follow the routine for Oily Skin, using the HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Liquid Essence and HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Sérum.

As a final step, either the HYDRA BEAUTY Camellia Water Cream or the HYDRA BEAUTY Gel Crème can be used. For those in search of intense hydration that is backed by advanced antioxidant protection, the latter delivers freshness and softness while protecting the natural beauty and radiance of the skin. Specially developed for normal skin, with the consistency of a fresh sorbet, this gel-cream infuses the skin with moisture and active ingredients.

For All Skin Types

Here are some of the products in the HYDRA BEAUTY line that all skin will love and benefit from.

HYDRA BEAUTY Masque de Nuit au Camélia


HYDRA BEAUTY Masque de Nuit Au Camelia ($128)


This night mask is the perfect way to wind down. Inspired by the dewdrops that form on the petals of the camellia at night, this creamy mask helps to revive skin overnight. With the help of the zinc, copper and magnesium-rich micronutrient complex, skin oxygenates throughout the night, leaving the complexion smooth and fresh with a radiant glow.

HYDRA BEAUTY Micro Gel Yeux ($98)

The first moisturising skincare with camellia micro-droplets that is suited to the delicate eye area. This formula targets puffiness and dark circles with its anti-fatigue Micro Peptide, intensely firming and smoothing dehydrated fine lines around the eye contour. Suitable for even the most sensitive eyes, this high-tolerance but gentle gel fuses perfectly with the skin with just a rice grain-sized dab.

HYDRA BEAUTY Essence Mist ($114)

This ultra-fine, travel-friendly mist instantly hydrates and rejuvenates skin, enriching it with vitamins C and E, along with hyaluronic acid. Delivering the ultimate sensation of freshness, a couple spritzes of this will leave skin radiating with dewy beauty.

HYDRA BEAUTY Nutrition – Nourishing Lip Care
HYDRA BEAUTY Nourishing Lip Care ($58)

With the addition of precious camellia oil, this moisturising balm is tailor-made to smooth, soothe and protect dry and damaged lips. Instantly melting upon application to reveal soft, plump and naturally rosy lips, this formula is made to be used any time, anywhere.

Currently available in CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty Boutiques and all CHANEL Fragrance and Beauty counters. 

*PFA: PolyFractioning of Active ingredients. A specific process developed by CHANEL that allows for the creation of ultra-pure cosmetic ingredients.
**OFA: Oleo Fractioned Active ingredient