Hop Into Mid-Autumn Festival With Starbucks Mooncakes And Merchandise!

Starbucks brings to you their take on the Mid-Autumn Festival and that is: adorable merchandise and unique mooncake flavours! If you don’t already love the occasion as much as we do, you might change your mind with these goodies.


When you think of Mid-Autumn Festival, you’d think of mooncakes! With so many brands releasing their own version of mooncakes, you’d be overwhelmed deciding which to get your hands on. Starbucks released their own mooncake collection too, with their iconic logo moulded onto the face of each mooncake. From traditional mooncake flavours to their own assorted flavours, Starbucks has got it all covered. Now, it’s onto you to decide which you’ll take home to your family and friends!


For those of you who like it traditional, their White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncake ($5.80) and Yam Paste Mooncake ($5.80) might be the ones for you. As for the coffee and tea lovers, you can opt for their Coffee with Caramel & Hazelnut Mooncake ($5.80) and Honey Earl Grey Mooncake ($5.80) — celebrating the occasion in true Starbucks spirit! There is also the Mango Mooncake ($5.80) if you’d like a refreshing, fruity alternative.

Good things are meant to be shared! You can either take home the Traditional Mooncake Box ($59.90) with 8 pieces of their White Lotus Paste with Egg Yolk Mooncake or their Assorted Mooncake Box ($59.90) with each of their assorted flavours Coffee with Caramel & Hazelnut Mooncake, Honey Earl Grey Mooncake, Yam Paste Mooncake and Mango Mooncake coming in pairs. Each box also comes with a matching reusable gift bag. For all Starbucks Rewards members, pay using your Starbucks Card and enjoy a 15% discount for purchases of two boxes and more!


If there’s one thing we might love more than Starbucks’ coffee, it has got to be their adorable merchandise. We daresay that each collection never disappoints — even their latest Mid-Autumn Festival-inspired collection.

This time, the spotlight is on the legendary moon rabbit we’ve heard about in old tales. Accompanied with the whimsical moonlit sky, these Mid-Autumn Festival-inspired cups and tumblers are sure to brighten your day with every sip and stir!


1. Hello, Bunnies. Left to right: $26.90 (Only available at selected stores), $34.90
2. Enchanted Night. Left to right: $24.90 (Only available at selected stores), $21.90, $22.90 (Only available at selected stores)
3. Moonlit Sky, $28.90
4. Little Mates, $24.90
5. Star Gazing, $36.90


All mooncakes and merchandise are currently available at Starbucks stores island-wide.