4 Big Reasons Why LazMall Should Be Your Go-To Online Shopping Platform

Today, you probably could do all your shopping online without even getting out of the house. The convenience can’t be denied, but so many things can potentially go wrong if you think about it. Lost deliveries, scams, or worse yet, stolen credit card details and account credentials.

That’s why it’s important to do your online shopping at the right place and with confidence. Enter Lazada — Southeast Asia’s biggest e-commerce portal with more than 300 million product listings. Not only that, they launched LazMall last year and it’s SEA’s biggest branded shopping channel that provides customers with reliable services and product quality assurance.

What is LazMall?

Within Lazada is Lazmall — a specially curated channel for well-known international and local brands.  Shopping at LazMall is no different than shopping at an authentic brick-and-mortar shop. Make purchases from authorized merchants that carry only 100% authentic items. Not only that, all purchases from LazMall are trackable. No more missing items! It doesn’t get more worry-free than that.

If you’re still not convinced about doing your online purchases with Lazada and LazMall, we’re giving you 4 reasons why you should.

1. It’s a guaranteed worry-free shopping experience

It’s true. In fact, it is stated on their website that they will deliver on these two promises:

  1. 100% authentic products: LazMall only sells authentic and original branded products. If shoppers receive non-authentic products, Lazada promises to give shoppers twice their money back.
  2. 15-day hassle-free return policy: Shoppers can change their minds within 15 days of purchase if they are not completely satisfied with their purchase from LazMall at no cost.
Screenshot of LazMall product’s Return & Warranty Policy. via Lazada

For an online shopping platform, those are pretty big promises to keep. But if they’re standing by it, then shoppers like you and me can only stand to gain from this. I mean, getting back twice the amount you spent on an unfortunate counterfeit product? That’s responsibility right there. It’s a total no brainer for both new and experienced shoppers alike to shop on LazMall before everywhere else.

2. Merchants are held to the highest of standards

Though any reputable brands or authorized distributor can sell on Lazada, only when they meet the following stringent criteria are they awarded the LazMall Badge.

Screenshot of LazMall Merchant Requirements. via Lazada
  1. Seller rating ≥ 70%
  2. Cancellation Rate < 2%
  3. Ship on time ≥ 80%
  4. Chat Response Rate ≥ 85%

Knowing that sellers have to adhere to these guidelines is especially comforting as a customer.

3. There are always new launches from well-known brands to look out for

Right on the landing page, you can already see established brands and their latest offerings.

LazMall’s Health and Beauty landing page. Via Lazada

You don’t even have to worry about your favourite budding brand not being on it too. Sooner or later it will be because Lazada’s definitely doing what it can to help any brand — big or small — ride the e-commerce boom. Hear it from Lazada Group CEO Pierre Poignant himself: “No seller is too small to aspire, and no brand is too big to be a Super eBusiness. That is why we are thrilled to roll out super-solutions to help our brands and sellers become more nimble in digitising their businesses and better reach customers.”

With that said, check out these new brand launches from Sulwhasoo, Bobbi Brown and Calvin Klein!

Bobbi Brown Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation SPF 15 30ML ($73). Via Lazada
Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum EX 60ml ($115). Via Lazada
Calvin Klein Women Modern Cotton Light Lined Bralette ($79). Via Lazada

4. “Shoppertainment” is a thing with Lazada

It’s a made-up word combining shopping with entertainment, but so very apt for this shopping platform. Lazada’s 7th birthday celebrations this year was a “Super Party” and super is clearly an understatement. Music concert performed by the likes of Dua Lipa and other top artists were live-streamed on the app simultaneously across six of their markets in the region.

Promotions and sales became “fun” activities to do. You could play games, invite friends, collect free flash vouchers and collect even more vouchers by watching live streams. Are you not entertained?

Final Thoughts

Online shopping used to be such a minefield. What you see wasn’t necessarily what you’ll get. Counterfeit goods were rife. They were cheap, but they just weren’t quality and authentic. Every purchase was such a gamble! At least what you’re getting with LazMall is a peace of mind and an awesome shopping experience — just like you would in a proper mall.