5 Off-The-Grid Holiday Destinations In Asia You Need To Visit

If you need a little zen in your life (and, let’s face it — we all need some serious digital decluttering), what better time to embark on these off-the-grid destinations. If meditation and coping with the constant state of organised chaos aren’t your thing, a trip to a neighbouring country is definitely worth a shot.

Riding on that desire, these holiday destinations promise to treat your mental fatigue with all the love it deserves.


off-the-grid destinations
Photo credit: @Caljuslum

Location: Nantou County, Taiwan
Why you should visit:  To get the most of the natural, clean air, consider making a trip down Qingjing Farm in Taiwan. The combination of flower hillside sights and untainted lush forests will do wonders for the mind, body and soul. The best part?  You can mingle with the farm animals such as lambs, cows and ponies.


off-the-grid destinations
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Location: Bali, Indonesia
Why you should visit: Not many of us can say that we have had the luxury of spending overnight in a bubble hotel — but you can now in Bali. Picture a clear starry night under the open sky with your partner and unobstructed views to moonlight, green rice fields and wild jungle. Off-the-grid destinations, here we come. Did we mention the complete privacy? Definitely worth the miles.


off-the-grid destintations
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Location: Dalad Banner, Mongolia
Why you should visit: People don’t give enough credit to Mongolia. Turns out Mongolia’s deserts are easily as covetable as the ones in Dubai. Take Dalad Qi, for example, you’ve plausibly gawked enviously at images of camel rides along the desert runes on your social media feed at some point. This spot has become a tourist favourite for its picturesque backdrop and local culture. It definitely promises to whisk you away from the daily stressors of work, period.


off-the-grid destinations
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Location: Palawan, Philippines
Why you should visit: Obviously, there’s the option of checking into a beach resort, surrounded by an exotic blend of the local island cultures, limestone cliffs, pristine white sand and marine activities.  A week (or two) in bliss sounds just about right needed. Of course, true to the resorts modus operandi, you’ll find true guilt-free luxury and scenic landscape at your calling.


off-the-grid destinations
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Location: Sapa, Vietnam
Why you should visit: Here’s where you can bask, lounge, discover ancient rice paddies or simply soak in the picture-perfect moment while trekking through Sapa mountains. Just relatively near to Hanoi, Sapa offers tailor-made hiking tours to suit your needs and serves up tantalising meats and wholesome seafood, fresh from their local villages. Consider your off-the-grid plans, sorted.

Written by Sinead Lee.

Photo credit: @bubblehotelbali, @BOOKIEPH, @YA_TINGCHANG