Stay Naked With Urban Decay’s Newest Base Makeup Collection

Pull up your Google search engine, type out ‘no-makeup makeup look’ and hit the search button. Admit it, you’re one of them and just like me, we’re all on the same boat. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there — and like many, finding the right products to achieve that fresh-faced glow without looking like a caked up mess seems like the go-to look that everyone’s been coveting these past few months.

So what does it take to achieve a flawless base? The right foundation that gives the perfect coverage, lasts ’round the clock, doesn’t smudge, is waterproof and a lightweight formula — are we asking for too much?

Answer is: no — especially when you have Urban Decay’s latest liquid foundation (and concealer) to count on.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation featuring the new UD Citizens Ezra Miller, CL, Lizzo Beating, Joey King and Karol G.
Ezra Miller for Urban Decay Cosmetics' 'Pretty Different' campaign
Ezra Miller for Urban Decay Cosmetics’ ‘Pretty Different’ campaign

Urban Decay recently rolled out their latest base makeup that features Ezra Miller, CL, Lizzo Beating, Joey King and Karol G. These unexpected faces also fronted the brand’s ‘Pretty Different’ campaign late last month, capturing a new spirit that “embraces pure, unapologetic individuality.” Evidently, we couldn’t have chosen any other celebrities that’d so perfectly capture Urban Decay’s bold vision.

CL for Urban Decay Cosmetics’ ‘Pretty Different’ campaign

Not only do they look stunningly flawless (just look at CL), but they are just as dynamic and empowering when it comes to the idea of not subscribing to your typical beauty standards — wholly maintaining the concept of being ‘Pretty Different’.

With that in mind, here’s a rundown of Urban Decay’s latest Stay Naked collection that you can look forward to in August, coming to a Sephora near you:


In the past year, we’ve all been exposed to a wide selection of liquid foundations in the beauty industry. In fact, we’ve also done a review of some of the foundations that actually work for us here in NYLON’s office. But what makes this liquid foundation by Urban Decay any different from the rest? Its formula — and that impressive shade range.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation and Concealer

With 24 brand new shades to choose from, Urban Decay knows how it’s done when it comes to being inclusive. Fair, tanned, or dark — whatever shade you might be, there’s bound to be one that’ll fit your tone from this range. Compare it to Riri’s extensive range of foundations as you may, but this collection is one that’s definitely praiseworthy.


It’s also said that the foundation blends in seamlessly and adheres to the skin well for up to 24 hours — with the inclusion of a waterproof formula, and vegan-friendly ingredients as well. Also, upon application, you’ll notice that the foundation stays true to colour — so if you’re always concerned about your foundations oxidising, you won’t find the same problem here with this foundation. (Plus, it minimises the appearance of pores too!)

Stay Naked Weightless Liquid Foundation ($55) is available from 1 August 2019 at all Sephora stores, online at and the Urban Decay freestanding store at Ngee Ann City B1-32.


Urban Decay Stay Naked Concealer

We’re all familiar with the MLBB term that’s been circulating the beauty scene for the longest time ever. (FYI: we’re referring to the My Lips But Better trend BTW). But case closed, now we’re talking about flawless looking skin, but better.

To get rid of those dark spots, marks, or any of your other flaws, find Urban Decay’s Stay Naked Correcting Concealer. What sets this concealer apart from the others in the market is its mastertone. And by mastertone, we’re referring to finding your true skin shade which factors in the various shade intensities as well as your undertones — be it warm, neutral or cool.


The concealer comes in a tube that goes on smoothly when applied with a formula that’s lightweight, breathable and waterproof — just like the foundation. Plus, the concealer comes with 25 different shades to choose from!

Stay Naked Correcting Concealer ($40) is available from 1 August 2019 at all Sephora stores, online at and at the Urban Decay freestanding store at Ngee Ann City B1-32.