Tod’s x Mr. Bags Launches The Most Magical Summer Bag: The ‘Unicorn D-Styling Bag’

Tod’s Limited Edition Unicorn D-Styling Bag, in collaboration with Chinese luxury fashion blogger Mr. Bags, has hit the stands and we are in love with it! 



One of the latest bag trends this year has been the resurgence of the original “It” bags. So, it makes perfect sense that Tod’s has introduced a new addition to their iconic D bag range with the Summer 2019 Limited Edition Unicorn D-Styling Bag. 



Collaborator Mr. Bags is not only an insanely huge fashion blogger in China, but he is also a respected trendsetter, having sold out his luxury collaboration pieces in mere minutes in the past. It’s easy to see why his items are so popular seeing as how this bag manages to perfectly balance a youthful yet elegant vibe. The Unicorn D-Styling Bag still retains the modern square silhouette from the original D Bag (launched in 1997) but is constructed in a softer material and in the trendy mini format, giving it a timeless yet current feel with a hint of playfulness. No wonder so many celebrities have been spotted with it!



The bag is made of high-quality leather, showcasing Tod’s traditional leather making techniques. It also features signs of the exquisite craftsmanship: different shades of blue, finely hand painted white edges and signature stitching give the bag a luxurious feel. Not only that, but there is also a cute story behind the unicorn pendant. The unicorn, inspired by western mythology, represents nobility, elegance and purity. Mr. Bags decorated each bag with a cute unicorn as he wanted bag owners to have a good luck charm with them. With such a wonderful and sweet message behind the bag, we can’t help but want one for ourselves.


Tod’s & Mr. Bags “Unicorn D-Styling” is available on, on Tod’s WeChat Mini Program and at Tod’s Paragon & Marina Bay Sands boutiques.