Rich, Hearty, And A Whole Lot Of Flavour — These New Ramen Dishes Have It All

Visiting a Japanese restaurant doesn’t mean you are guaranteed a great bowl of ramen noodles. It just means you’re offered a menu with donburi options, comparing meat portions with your gyozas and a matcha dessert or two worthy of showing off on your Instagram feed.

So what’s the benchmark? In our opinion, a well-balanced serving of toppings, securing that rich broth, and of course, overall consistency that promises not to let you down even on your umpteenth visit.

We’ve made our rounds — here’s the inside scoop on some of the latest (and possibly best) ramen on our shores.

Menya Kokoro – 100AM


Dish: Furious Mala Soup

The thought of Mala-inspired meals might bring to mind an onslaught of chilli heat. We can’t blame you, when all that is within sight is usually a sea of red chilli oil. The perfect evidence to our claim, the Furious Mala Ramen Soup promises a fiery palette that permeates the chashu, enhancing the meat’s sweetness and ending with a spicy tingle on the tongue. Taking centre stage is selecting within their three levels of spiciness! Something tells us it won’t take too long before this dish receives a horde of (competitive and) hungry folks.

Price: $14.80
Address: 100 Tras Street, #02-10, Singapore 079027



Dish: Chill Crab Ramen

What did we appreciate most about this dish? The intimate union of No Signboard Seafood and IPPUDO’s blend of soups. A homemade chilli crab sauce gives a refreshing sweetness and spice to the crab’s claw, lending volumes to the simplicity of the Tonkotsu broth. Fried mantou is also served on the side so do remember to dip each bun into the stock for the ultimate experience.

Price: $28++ (Available till 12 Aug 2019)
Address: Mandarin Gallery, #04-02, Singapore 238897

Le Shrimp Ramen


Dish: Le Shrimp Trio Tossed

Brimming with cucumber strips, wok hei, prawn dumplings, prawns together with Chinese la mian, brace yourself for a sobering charge of tanginess. The chilli vinaigrette tossed noodles delivers facades of comfort, while the stock mixed with a blend of cinnamon and white peppercorn provides a smoky aroma. Neither is the same without the either, and it looks like a promising synchronisation of Chinese and Japanese culinary influences 

Price: $19.90
Address: Changi Airport, Terminal 3, #B2-49, Singapore 819963

Tsuta Singapore

Photo credit: @Tsutasingapore

Dish: Mame Miso Ramen

For something heavier, go for this bowl of thick noodles by Tsuta. The chashu is well-marinated, but the real star is the toppings — sweet, savoury and sharp. Served with porcini mushroom oil, bean sprouts, watercress and pan-fried corn for extra sweetness, it is replete with hearty, wholesome flavours.

Address: Maple Tree 18, #01-01, Singapore 539775

Uma Uma Ramen

Photo credit: @Spadely

Dish: Uma Uma

Uma Uma is no stranger to folks who love their traditional ramen.  We say go for the in-house special that features a cloudy and flavourful broth made thanks to spicy miso and Tonkotsu. Find sliced chashu, spring onions, black fungus and onsen egg.

Price: $16.80
Address: Forum Shopping Mall, #01-41, Singapore 238884

Menya SANJI Boat Quay

Photo credit: @Yongkaiii

Dish: Signature Sanji

When it comes to generous portions of ramen and toppings, a shout-out must go out to Menya SANJI. Off to a strong start, the bowl is loaded with ingredients. Each one of these moreish bowls boasts a juicy richness that comes from the infusion of their Tonkotsu broth simmered with vegetables. And with no such thing as shortcuts, this joint actually handmade all their noodles from scratch.

Price: $15++
Address: 66 Circular Road, #01-01, Singapore 049420


photo courtesy: @tsutasingapore,  @SPADELy