A Blast From The Past That’s A Must For All Sneakerheads: The adidas OZWEEGO

Every now and then in fashion, trends from a particular time period make their way back to us. Today, the revival of ’90s fashion makes us feel all warm and nostalgic inside. Then again, maybe not all ’90s trends should be revived. Take a hike baggy jeans!

But a ’90s trend that anybody can run with today has got to be the chunky “dad” sneakers. That’s right, those bulky footwear that you’ve seen your dad wear in family photos are back. Who knew Dad could be soooo cool?

With that said, it’s time to get a leg up on the competition (namely our dads) with the OZWEEGO — old school chunky kicks radically reinterpreted by adidas.


via adidas

The new OZWEEGO silhouette takes retro design cues from the OZWEEGO 3 of the ’90s, such as the signature chunky adiPrene midsole and adds futuristic elements that even the Gen Zs today can appreciate. But what does it really take to pull off a complete look with the OZWEEGO? Well, we speak to fashion industry insiders Nicholas Cho and Randolph Tan to find out.

As the director of local streetwear brand Flesh Imp, known for its edgy and fashionable graphic tees, Nicholas is definitely more qualified to talk about urban fashion than most. After all, his brand has been around since 2000, long before streetwear enjoyed the success it does today.

Fashion director Randolph, on the other hand, happens to be one of Singapore’s more prominent stylists. His portfolio includes working with brands and titles such as Harper’s Bazaar, Burberry and L’Officiel, as well as styling for music personalities such as The Sam Willows and Jasmine Sokko.

Here’s their take on ’90s trends and the OZWEEGO:

what do you love about the ’90s and how it inspires you?
Nicholas cho, Marketing Director, Flesh Imp.
Photo credit: adidas Singapore. Shot by @Aiksoon

I love the ’90s because it was a time of experimentation. While the early ’90s saw grunge blowing up, it was the birth of hip-hop-inspired streetwear that influenced me the most. I had a great time mixing it up with street, surf, and even luxury brands. It was a time of uninhibited self-expression.”

randolph tan, fashion director
Photo credit: adidas Singapore. Shot by @Aiksoon

“The ’90s was an era where trends evolved through music and culture instead of what was seen on social media. I remember getting most of my inspiration watching MTV and flipping through fashion magazines. There wasn’t a right or wrong way of doing things. It was more of self-expression and experimentation as a teen with limited access to resources.”

which 90s trends should we keep now, and which are you glad we ditched?
Nicholas cho:

“If I remembered correctly, there was a unique fashion trend very popular with Singaporean youths between ’92 to ’96. People were wearing designer brands like Valentino polo tees, Versace jeans, and Timberland loafers. Worn high waisted, and cropped, it was an interesting sight. Brands that were trending at that time included Armani, Istante, Trussardi, Jean-Paul Gaultier and MCM (when it was still German-owned). I think while it was quite interesting, they should really stay in the ’90s. That look was immortalized by the Bengs and Lians during that era [laughs].

Personally, I think the sports-inspired style that includes windbreakers, neon colors and slightly baggy silhouette should stay. In any case, trends usually go in a cycle and every time a fashion era comes back, it takes on an updated style and look, much like the Ozweego — where it refreshes and reinterprets the ’90s look for today.”

Randolph tan:

“Yes to baggy loose fitted shirts! It’s the best choice in the scorching heat of Singapore, while you won’t look like you are wearing the same outfit.”

No to micro denim ripped jeans! I’ve seen enough horrible lacy undies and other human parts sticking out of them. ‘Nuff said.”


via adidas

Favourite 90’s fashion trend?
Nicholas cho:

“It has got to be vintage denim and clothing.”

Randolph tan:

“Creepers and high platform shoes. The additional height always helps provide a confidence boost.”

Anything in your wardrobe from the ’90s that you still really love?
Nicholas cho:

“My Levi’s Big E jeans.”

Randolph tan:

“My black and yellow vintage varsity jacket, thrifted while in London during winter. It’s my favourite go-to rather than boring windbreakers.”

How do you style around the Ozweego?
Nicholas Cho. Shot by @Aiksoon
Nicholas cho:

“The OZWEEGO has a very nice silhouette and adds a new twist to the ’90s look. I would put on an oversized tee, and a pair of pin rolled vintage jeans. To finish the look, I would throw on a paneled windbreaker with neon accents.

I am also known for mixing formal wear with sneakers and I think the OZWEEGO is a good sneaker to wear to semi-formal and formal events. I would put on a light blazer over a fitted tee, with a pair of cropped pants and the OZWEEGO. With that, I am ready for a gala premiere or outdoor wedding without looking over or under-dressed.”

Randolph Tan. Shot by @Aiksoon
Randolph tan:

“Comfort in footwear is always important to me, especially when I spend long hours in them while on the go. Not only is the OZWEEGO lightweight and comfortable, it can also function as a style element with its futuristic design and shape. Depending on the colour of my shoes, I’ll match them to either my accessories or clothes.”

any Styling tips for the readers?
Nicholas cho:

“I think consumers have it so much easier these days, with social media having so much content to inspire your style. For the OZWEEGO, I think it is a highly versatile sneaker that can really be paired with almost anything. However, one tip that I always live by is that less is more. Many people like to overload on brands or accessories but all they need is the confidence to be themselves.”


The adidas OZWEEGO silhouette, $160, is available now at adidas stores at Pacific Plaza, VivoCity, Bugis+ and Paragon and on adidas.com.sg. Click here, for more info.