Editing Beauty III Tutorial : How to use the Automatic Beauty Double Eyelid tapes

Back in secondary school, I had a classmate who used to cut strips of sticky tape and paste them on her eyelids to create a double eyelid. It was fun to watch because it actually worked, and it became funny when the tape would peel and hang off her eyelid in the middle of the day! There weren’t any beauty brands selling actual eyelid tape back then, so we made do with our imaginations and what we had in our pencil cases. 

Today, eyelid tape is a whole beauty category in itself, with entire walls at Don Don Donki dedicated to this specific product. In particular, I keep spotting these little boxes of Automatic Beauty AB eyelid tape — and there are many variations of it! — but never got around to trying any of them. This is why: I’ve had monolids up until the age of 30, and then one day I woke up with double eyelids that never went away. I attribute this miracle to tiredness and lack of sleep (my sister still wonders why her lack of sleep hasn’t produced permanent double eyelids for her). So now that I have actual double eyelids — I don’t have a need to try eyelid tape. 

But I discovered from my makeup artist friend, Dollei Seah, that even with double eyelids, tape can enhance and balance uneven lids; and really good tape (like the AB ones)  “disappear” under eye makeup and look completely natural.

So just out of curiousity, I got Dollei to show me how to fake double eyelids (or improve double eyelids!) using three different products from Automatic Beauty: Double Eye Liquid (like a glue), Natural Eye Tape (which is like paper tape), and the brand’s best-selling Single Eye Tape (which is like plastic tape). 

Photographed by Adele Chan using the Leica M10-P + Summarit-M 50mm f/2.4 lens.
Makeup and tutorial by DOLLEI SEAH.
Modelled by CHENG XI from NU MANAGEMENT.





Automatic Beauty Double Eye Liquid (purple), $18.60.
Automatic Beauty Natural Eye Tape (brown), $18.60.
Automatic Beauty Single Eye Tape (yellow), $18.60. 
Available at BHG, Don Don Donki, Sasa, Tokyu Hands, Welcia-BHG and beautycarousel.com.


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