7 Minimalist Watches Millennials Should Be Investing In

Millennials like me no longer need watches to tell time. Smartphones saw to that. So why is it that we still want one? As the digitally-embedded generation, maybe there is some sort of allure and even a relief for an analogue wristwatch that’s remained unchanged for centuries. A physical reminder of simpler times.

Besides, for millennials, these classic watches are more than just a time-telling device. They’re statement pieces. Artisanal pieces that we millennials can appreciate the craftsmanship behind it. They’re also decent investments. According to Business Insider, watches have a higher resale value than luxury bags or jewellery. And since millennials have less disposable income and a lower median income compared to the previous generation, investing in a decent timepiece can prove to be a better investment than a luxury handbag or jewellery.

With that said, here’s a roundup of investment watches that millennials can surely get behind.

1. NOMOS Glashutte Club ($1,880)


via NOMOS Glashutte

The allure of NOMOS watches is in its emphasis on clean design. Scroll down their collection on their website and you can easily tell that clean and minimalist is one if not, the only design pillar of their watches. The brown strap with red stitching adds a touch of class that millennials appreciate.

The NOMOS Glashutte Club retails for $1,880. Get it now from The Hour Glass and Watches of Switzerland outlets or online here. For more info, click here.

2. TAG HEUER Carrera Calibre 9 Quartz ($2,150)



Simple, elegant and minimal. There’s nothing too fancy embellishing the Carrera Quartz, which is exactly what millennials look for in a watch. It features a clean watch face with a white mother of pearl finishing and a fine-brushed, polished steel strap. The idea is straightforward: to glance at your watch, get the time and be unperturbed by notifications and whatnot.

The TAG HEUER Carrera Quartz retails from $2,150 in four variations. Get it now from TAG HEUER Wisma Atria (#02-45 & #03-34, ION Orchard (#01-13A) and Marina Square (#02-152) boutique stores. For more info, click here.

3. Rado DiaMaster Thinline Automatic ($3,100)


via Rado

For another take on a classy and minimalist watch, Rado’s DiaMaster Thinline Automatic is one to look out for. The collection is inspired by classic old-school simplicity, featuring a large clean and open dial for easy readability and unobstructed view.

Not only that, Rado’s been known for its innovative materials manufactured for its watch. The latest is their CeramosTM, a mix of scratch-resistant ceramic combined with the lustre and finish of metal — a material they claim will “never fade or lose its shine”.

The Rado DiaMaster Thinline Automatic retails for $3,100. Get it now from Rado Wisma Atria (02-33/34), Marina Bay Sands (B2M-216) boutique stores, Watches of Switzerland VivoCity (#01-66) & Tampines (#01-48) or authorised resellers. For more info, click here

4. Ball Trainmaster Pulsemeter Limited Edition MSF ($3,178)


via Ball Watch

If there’s one thing we millennials love, is to get behind a product with a meaningful story. We’re a socially conscious bunch that’s more than happy to support a business with a good cause. And if you can look great while doing that, even better. While the dial isn’t as clutter-free as the others in this list, the crisp white watch face encased in stainless steel and leather strap makes the Trainmaster a classic and vintage watch.

And about that social cause: every purchase of Ball’s Trainmaster Limited Edition (Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) could potentially save a life. 50% of sales go to the MSF — a dedicated team of medical professionals that work to save lives in conflict zones, natural disasters and in the event of an epidemic. It’ll be an investment we can feel good about.

The Ball Trainmaster Limited Edition MSF retails for $3,178. Get it now from Swiss Watch Gallery (#02-109) Sentosa,  The Hour Glass (#01-47 to 52), All Watches outlets or online here. For more info, click here.

5. Bell & Ross Vintage V1-92 Military ($3,200)


via Bell & Ross

It’s no surprise that anything “vintage” is well received by millennials. But slap on “military” and sometimes you just might end up with a millennial-winning recipe —  something Bell & Ross is well onto here.

The V1-92 Vintage Military watch has a small 35.8mm case. Though larger watches may make a bigger statement, sometimes nothing looks better than a small classic watch on your wrist. But you know what makes this watch even better? The little details like the slightly aged dark brown leather strap and the triangle symbol with two dots (a traditional feature of pilot/military watches) all give off a WWII military watch vibe. It’s definitely a timeless dial worthy of an investment.

The Bell & Ross V1-92 Military retails at $3,200. Get it now from Bell & Ross Mandarin Gallery boutique store, Watches of Switzerland Paragon (#01-19/20), VivoCity (#01-66), Tampines (#01-48), authorised resellers or online here. For more info, click here.

6. IWC Portofino Automatic ($6,450)


via IWC

On first look, the Portofino is the most unassuming, and the simplest watch of the lot. A white dial, Roman numerals at the 12 and 6 o’clock and a window to show the date, it definitely doesn’t scream for attention. But that’s exactly what pulls millennials toward it — the simplicity and honesty in its design.

Much of the design is probably due to the fact it was actually adapted from the timeless pocket watch. Sure it doesn’t have NATO straps or any fancy functions or designs, but it’s exactly because of its simplicity that’s so alluring. With 151 years of watchmaking history, it’s a versatile piece that anyone can match to any outfit and occasion.

The IWC Portofino Automatic retails at $6,450. Get it now from IWC Schaffhausen ION Orchard (#01-08), Marina Bay Sands (B2-210) boutique stores, The Hour Glass outlets or authorised resellers. For more info, click here.

7. Hubot Classic Fusion Titanium ($9,400) 


via Amazon

Most of the luxury watchmaker Hublot’s collection has a bold aesthetic involving multiple chronograph sundials or intricate designs so it’s refreshing to see a collection paying homage to their classic watches from the 1980s.

Millennials can surely appreciate Hubot’s Classic Fusion Titanium. It’s as straightforward a timepiece you can get from them. The muted matte black dial eschews numbers for simple hour markers and the only other feature is a simple date window. There’s not much pizzazz to it, but for this timepiece, the strength is in its simplicity.

The Hubot Classic Fusion Titanium retails at $9,400. Get it now from Hublot The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands boutique store (#01-58), The Hour Glass outlets or authorised resellers. For more info, click here