Stella McCartney’s New Colourful Collections Celebrate Music Icons The Beatles and Taylor Swift

What do The Beatles and Taylor Swift have in common other than having timeless pop tunes and issues with their music catalogues? Well, they’re also the inspiration behind Stella McCartney’s new collections. 

The collections are bright and colourful and are sure to make you look good and feel even better. As one of the industry’s most vocal champions of environmental issues, Stella McCartney has made sustainability shape the company’s policies, business model and brand message. 

The brand is known for using vegan and eco-friendly materials and has strong social responsibility practices and ethical values. Moreover, with the universal message of ‘love over hate’ in both collections, we can’t help but feel these clothes are sending us a much-needed reminder to get through these difficult times. 

All Together Now Collection



This Fall, the Stella McCartney brand presents a playful and vibrant collection inspired by The Beatles (you might have heard of them before). The Beatles had a long and prosperous career so it is quite impossible to distil their legacy into just one collection — hence, this collection features only the brilliance that is the animated film Yellow Submarine

Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul McCartney of The Beatles, has close and personal ties to the movie which was released 50 years ago and believes the film has beautiful messages for kids and adults alike to learn from. Songs like ‘All Together Now’ and ‘All You Need Is Love’ highlight the need for togetherness in today’s political climate and encouraging us to be agents for change.



The collection is available in menswear, womenswear and kidswear, so the whole family can strut the streets in coordinated outfits. The collection features yellow submarine graphics and band tees of the Fab Four (the characters from the film), alongside fun geometric and psychedelic prints, polka dots and a splash of different colours in practical designs. From flashy pieces like the faux leather cowboy boots and brightly coloured faux fur coat to more wearable everyday pieces like the corduroy dungaree dress and denim jacket, the clothes in the collection all contain a playful and optimistic element. 



The womenswear line has some standout pieces like the beautiful jacquard dress with dancing figures inspired by the “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” scene in the film and a dramatic Fur-Free-Fur jacquard coat that depicts The Beatles in their marching band uniforms.



The menswear also features pop-art portraits of The Beatles and iconographies from the film on a jacket and more pop-art style graphics on button-up shirts for a bold and unique addition to your wardrobe.



The kidswear consequently has the same colourful pop-art graphics but have been taken up a notch with some pieces veering more towards a costume-y look which kids will likely appreciate role-playing in. 

The campaign also shows the kids recycling to highlight the message behind the collection, which is to encourage others to make a collective effort to save our planet. Sustainable materials in the collections include organic cotton jersey and denim, regenerated cashmere, ECONYL® recycled nylon and sustainable viscose, with the introduction of a new 100% recycled cotton Breton.


Available at Stella McCartney at Paragon Shopping Mall and Hilton Hotel for womenswear, Club21 Four Seasons Hotel for menswear. Kidswear collection will be available from 11 September 2019 at Stella McCartney Kids at Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya, Kids21 Dempsey. 


Stella McCartney X Taylor Swift


Stella McCartney X Taylor Swift is in collaboration for the singer’s 7th studio album Lover. A departure from the vibes of her previous albums, the collection, which is also the official line of merch for the album, really goes on to highlight the whimsical and dreamy tone of the latest album. 

The collection’s featured colours are obviously the same hues of pastel pink, sky blue and cream as in the album cover for a kaleidoscopic, carefree feel. The collection features tie-dyed band tees, sweatshirts with vintage graffiti, totes and even a reusable water bottle. Recurring motifs in the collection include lyrics from the album, a ‘90s style airbrushed heart with rainbow wings (imagine Lisa Frank vibes) and Taylor’s cat Benjamin Button, whose name she recently trademarked. 



The merch line is sure to be a hit amongst her fans but also has a great look that many non-fans might enjoy. With tie-dye prints making a comeback and ‘90s nostalgia being at an all-time high, the clothes definitely have a calming effect that mimics the album’s ethereal and romantic mood.

Just like any other Stella McCartney collection, this collection uses sustainable materials like organic cotton jersey and sustainable viscose.  And of course, no fur or leather was used. 


Available online at Stella McCartney.