The Skincare Collection You Need To Know For Your 20s, 30s and Beyond

Piling on more makeup may seem like the best way to get flawless-looking skin. Full-coverage foundation, poreless primers, translucent loose setting powders, concealers, oh I could go on endlessly about it but I won’t bore you any further. Real question is — is it really an ideal option rely on makeup to perfect that canvas of yours in the long-term? No prizes for guessing, but the answer’s no.

In fact, putting on makeup can accelerate skin ageing. Uh-oh. 

But hold up. Before you start jumping into conclusions, hear us out first.

Now, we’re not asking you to toss out your insane makeup collection, but your main focus, especially when you’re in your 20s, 30s, and beyond, should primarily be on your skincare routine.

Unlike in years past, there isn’t always a single-product solution. And thankfully for brands like L’OCCITANE, they’re going the extra mile in helping us age gracefully through our years so we won’t have to worry about visible signs of ageing, no matter our age.

Take, for instance, L’OCCITANE’s upcoming Immortelle Precious range.

L’OCCITANE Immortelle Precious Cream and Energising Eye Balm

You’ve probably heard about the brand’s Immortelle series which has long been a cult favourite amongst beauty addicts — with many having sworn on their iconic bestseller, the Immortelle Reset Serum.

So what’s in the new Immortelle Precious range that’s different from the former you might ask?

Our social feeds have been jammed with everyone raving about Hyaluronic Acid and how well they’ve worked in plumping the skin, retaining moisture, improving skin structure and keeping your skin feeling smooth ’round the clock. And yes, you would’ve probably already guessed it by now, but this range offers just that (and more).

Featuring L’OCCITANE’s Immortelle Precious Cream

The range features 2 active ingredients:

    • Immortelle Essential oil — which helps to fight against daily aggressors (pollution and other harsh environmental factors), and promotes natural skin renewal.
    • Dynamic Hyaluronic Acid complex — carries Hyaluronic Acid deeper into the epidermis.



Research by L’OCCITANE has also shown that there was also a significant acceleration of natural skin renewal after 10 days of using the products from this range. Think about it — by including these beauties into your routine, you’d be shedding years off your age in no time — well not quite literally, but you get my drift.

The upcoming collection features 6 reformulated additions: the Immortelle Precious Cream, Energising Eye Balm, Essential Water, Immortelle Precious Serum, Essential Mist and Dynamic Youthcare Fluid — and will be available from 18 August 2019 onwards at the L’OCCITANE store and on 29 August 2019 islandwide and online.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for this one.


L’OCCITANE’s new Immortelle Precious range will be available exclusively at ION Orchard on 18 August 2019. Available islandwide and on on 29 August 2019.