To Check Out This Month: Melvita, an organic, eco-certified skincare brand owned by the prestigious L’Occitane company

While the recent trend in eco-luxury has brought about a surge in “clean beauty” brands, there’s one that has been around for more than three decades, harvesting plant ingredients for organic, eco-friendly skincare and hair products that actually work. French brand, Melvita is part of the prestigious L’Occitane Group, and uses the hashtags: #CleanUpYourBeauty, #StopNasties and #StartOrganic, which implies they are here to do all that. All their products have no synthetic chemicals, are made from sustainably-sourced organic ingredients, are formulated by organic experts, and made in their ISO 14001-certified clean factory in France — everything my mum and today’s eco-conscious beauty consumer look for in their beauty purchases. 

When it comes to “clean beauty”, it’s important to understand what constitutes “clean” and how it’s certified. 

Certified organic beauty products mean that:

  • At least 95% of the product’s total ingredients are natural (water included). Melvita claims their products contain mostly 98% natural ingredients, with the beauty oils and plant butters being 100% natural.
  • At least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming (water included). For Melvita, their products contain an average of over 20% organically-produced ingredients.
  • At least 95% of the total plant-based ingredients are organic. For Melvita, the products contain over 95% organic plant-derived ingredients.

For packaging, Melvita uses paper from sustainably managed forests that is certified bleached without chlorine, and printed with vegetable inks. The Floral Water bottle and its cap are made entirely from recycled plastic materials (particularly PET water bottles), while the brand ensures that its production has minimal impact on the environment. Finally, when it comes to raw ingredients, Melvita gives priority to local, traceable suppliers, and follows the principles of fair trade. 

The brand will be available in Singapore from this month (August 2019), with a full line-up of beauty products; from cleansers and moisturisers, to their popular beauty oils and floral waters. Reading about the goodness of this brand is one thing, but experiencing the products for yourself in store is a treat; you’ll be sold on the natural scents and beautiful textures, and after days of using any of the products, you’ll be back to discover more. 

Where to start? These are the best sellers from the brand:

Rose Floral Water, $48 (200ml) : 100% natural and certified organic. This floral water gives a powerful hydration boost, calms skin and smells delightful. I use this at my office desk to refresh makeup and wake up skin when I feel tired; it’s a soothing and calming scent that also helps with anxiety.

Rose Extraordinary Water, $45 (100ml) : A serum-lotion made from 100% natural rose, with natural plant-derived micro-hyaluronic acid. Plumps, tones and intensely hydrates skin. This is similar to the above floral water, which is more of a facial mist. I use this serum-lotion as part of my skincare regime to hydrate thirsty skin and prep it for moisturiser application. You can feel the difference after just one use — skin actually looks plumper, and it feels more comfortable. 

Argan Oil, $48 (50ml) : Organic and fair-trade certified; this 100% pure cold-pressed Argan Oil results in softer, smoother and repaired skin. The product absorbs quickly and easily, and doesn’t feel tacky like many other skincare oils. It’s also suitable for all skin types. A must-have from the brand.

Available at Melvita, ION Orchard #B3-37 from August 2019. Read more at SG.MELVITA.COM.