Uniqlo’s Fall / Winter 2019 Collection Is Elevating How We Look At Clothes

Uniqlo is a favourite amongst Singaporeans who love quality and they have always had the best collaborations that just gets everyone into a frenzy. Renowned for its functional, innovative and affordable apparels and accessories, the mega Japanese retailer boasts a huge following in Singapore! 


Uniqlo / Ines de La Fressange
Uniqlo / Ines de La Fressange


This season, the brand is releasing a LifeWear collection, as well as other seasonal collaborations, that are all about elevating the form of apparel to compliment the diversifying lifestyles and contemporary times. Inspired by the principle of “form follows function”, Uniqlo is setting the high bar for functional clothes to be beautiful as well.  


Hana Tajima For Uniqlo
Hana Tajima For Uniqlo




For outerwear, Uniqlo is focusing on a voluminous silhouette and hybrid materials to add style and warmth to this year’s collection. The main items are Ultra-Light Down, which, interestingly, has a matte texture, and the Hybrid Down Series, inspired by the models created for professional snowboarder and UNIQLO Global Brand Ambassador Ayumu Hirano. 

The women’s line sees shirt coats that offer a sharp styling and give a clean silhouette when worn over just a T-shirt. The Blocktech series, which boasts windproof, waterproof, and moisture permeation functionality, has been expanded with additional Fall / Winter colours for more options. The essential item for this season’s menswear line is the Hybrid Down series, offering a perfect balance of easy mobility and warmth. 




Uniqlo is adding curved pants to their line-up of women’s bottoms, following the trend for relaxation and comfort. With a wide bottom fitted around the hips and a gentle curve that gives an extended sharp look, these pants are sure to accentuate all your favourite parts about yourself. The key length will be long midi for skirts, along with the launch of chino skirts with front buttons, draping circular styles, long pleats, and knit skirts.

In men’s items, they are launching the regular fit bottoms that are in line with the current relaxed style. Expect more options than before as this new silhouette is being offered in a vintage chino material, as well as jeans. Another core item is the EZY ankle pants, perfect for a clean and casual look.




Launched in 1994, Uniqlo is celebrating its 25 years of fleece this year. It may seem like a weird celebration, but fleece truly is an underrated material that Uniqlo is hoping to educate consumers on. Light and warm, fleece work well as a middle layer with outerwear. In recent years, it has also become increasingly essential from an ecological standpoint, incorporated in fashion often as an alternative to real fur. The status of fleece continues to grow as an essential part of the brand’s Fall / Winter collection, and as a next-generation fashion item.

This season, Uniqlo is working with the soft and comfortable Boa Fleece, that have the look of fluffy sheep’s wool. Items in the collection include the V-neck zip-up cardigans and blouson-type jackets. New in the women’s line are the Boa Fleece tailored coats and collarless coats. For the men’s line, Uniqlo is launching half-zip fleece that can be worn for a sporty casual look.




Knit is a standard material for Fall / Winter collections but Uniqlo is upping the ante by introducing Soufflé Yarn, a new material that is soft, lightweight, and comfortable. They developed this new popular premium lambswool last year, using extremely fine premium wool of just 19.5 microns to provide even more warmth and amazing softness. In other words, get ready for sweaters that will also double up as a blanket. 

Moreover, Uniqlo also has other knits made with 100% Merino wool or 100% cashmere in a range of silhouettes for nailing the smart look with ultimate comfort.

Ines de La Fressange 



The collection is created in collaboration with French model, fashion designer and global fashion icon Ines de La Fressange. As for this season’s inspiration, it draws from Ines’ childhood memories of Megève, a ski resort village in the Alps of southeastern France with rustic-chic chalets, designer boutiques and cobbled medieval streets. The charming panorama dotted with traditional churches and small bridges, as well as small and stately lodges that exude a nostalgic elegance. It is a special place where the sensibilities of the town residents and the holiday season visitors intermingle. To Ines, this place is a chic winter scene.


Uniqlo / Ines de La Fressange


The main colour palette comprises warm amber, white reminiscent of new-fallen snow, and black, a colour with a special significance for the French people for it exudes refined elegance. Duffle coats and oversized down parkas can be matched with sweaters in nostalgic ski knit patterns and border stripes. Corduroy jackets maintain the refined feel with cool monotone, creating the look of a scene from a 1970s movie. The perfect match of sporty lightness and chic colouring raises the look of a relaxed winter fashion.

Uniqlo / Ines de La Fressange

Hana Tajima 



Fall/Winter 2019 marks the ninth season for Uniqlo to collaborate with New York-based, UK-born fashion designer Hana Tajima. Their previous collaborations have been widely-acclaimed by consumers for creating pieces that celebrate modesty in fashion. As the designer behind the brand’s first hijab, Tajima’s collections for Uniqlo have become of great significance to not only Muslim women but also for those who appreciate elegant silhouettes and modest clothing. 


Hana Tajima For Uniqlo

This season focuses on the strength and beauty of women, as presented by the balance of both feminine and masculine details in the designs. Inspired by the minerals in Earth, the colour palette of the collection features hues of blue, orange, beige-brown, and red. Some of the tops and bottoms are available in matching colours, allowing them to be styled as a two-piece outfit.


Hana Tajima For Uniqlo



Uniqlo LifeWear Fall / Winter Collection 2019 is available at all Uniqlo stores islandwide.

Hana Tajima For Uniqlo and Uniqlo / Ines de La Fressange will be available from 16 August 2019 and 6 September 2019 respectively, at all Uniqlo stores islandwide.