Maison Christian Dior’s New Fragrance Is An Exquisite Blend Of Exotic Adventures And Spices

Finding adventure and complete freedom is a feeling unlike any other. So how do you capture the scent of an exotic olfactory memory from your travelling journeys? That is what François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, set out do with the new Maison Christian Dior Spice Blend.

Dior’s latest fragrance is a masterclass in combining elements that seem at odds with each other. Set to emulate the exotic tropics, the scent has a slew of spice notes from all over the world: peppery Indonesian nutmeg, Madagascan black pepper, Russian coriander and Chinese cinnamon. The zesty sweetness of Martinican rum is also balanced with the rounded ruggedness of ginger and lemon.

A symphony for the senses? Most definitely.

maison christian dior spice blend
Maison Christian Dior Spice Blend

Lending her confidence and self-expression to Maison Christian Dior’s new tenacious perfume, Spice Blend, Jeanette Aw stars in a short film showcasing the timeless fragrance and its unique ingredients — inspiring an endless desire that will have heads (and noses) turning.


Like the other perfumes in the Maison Christian Dior series, you’ll see the concoction housed in the same, minimalist clear bottle, but this time, the Spice Blend hones in on a warm brown hue reminiscent of tropical seas and palm trees.

spice blend

The fragrance, a warm and spicy blend that is both intensely sensual and fiery, makes for a great evening scent, particularly for a night out sipping cocktails on a rooftop bar. Your new signature scent awaits.

Written by Sinead Lee.

the maison christian dior spice blend retails for $140 (40ml), $315 (125ml), $450 (250ml), $625 (450ml) and is available at Maison Christian Dior, ION Orchard #B2-52 Singapore 238801.
For more information, visit DIOR.COM
video credits: JEANETTE AW