Muji has settled their lawsuit against IUIGA. Read the full statement here.

Last November, Muji released a statement that they were investigating claims regarding their manufacturer producing and supplying products to a third-party retailer (who we all know is IUIGA). We released the news and IUIGA wasn’t happy that we didn’t get their side of the story; so we gave them the opportunity to respond.

Today, Muji has announced that they’ve settled their lawsuit against IUIGA. Here’s the full statement:

In summary, IUIGA is not allowed to use Muji’s name anywhere in their marketing and promotional material. But whether they are allowed to sell their Muji-similar products remains to be seen; a quick check on IUIGA’s website shows that they are still selling the Muji-identical eyelash curler, bean bag and diffuser. But it’s still a win for Muji and an important first step that could herald more lawsuits coming IUIGA’s way (I hear they are on Rimowa and Foreo’s radar).