Samsonite Luggage — Built For Those Born To Go

“Global Citizen”, “Digital Nomad” and “Urban Adventurer” are just a few of the many names given to millennials these days. Why? Because no city is too far, and no country too obscure to travel to. They’re not afraid to “bleisure” (mixing business and leisure), as long as it provides meaningful experiences.

Less of a stickler for patriotism and national pride than the generation before them, millennials are today’s global citizens — often changing countries as they change jobs. You can be sure their luggage isn’t consigned to a corner in a hostel either. And that’s where Samsonite comes in.

Their latest “Born To Go” luggage collection is perfect for the highly mobile urban nomad on the go. They’re smart, functional and most importantly mobile — just like how travellers are today.


via Samsonite

A brushed black surface with elements of metal and copper accents on the logo make for a very premium look and feel. But underneath the luxe exterior is a slew of high-tech features. A 3-in-1 Smart Lock system allows for both fingerprint and TSA combination for ease of securing your belongings, along with the anti-theft zipper. There’s even a nifty built-in USB port to juice up your devices — something we definitely like to see in more luggage.

As if that’s not enough, it even comes with an integrated weighing scale. How convenient. No more lugging it around to get it weighed.

The EVOA Tech is available in Brushed Black from $690 at selected Samsonite stores islandwide. For more info, click here.


via Samsonite

We all know the struggle of dragging around your luggage as you chase after trains and whatnot. Or even worse, having a wheel pop loose on a cobbled walkway. That’s where Samsonite’s Tri-Tech luggage comes in. It’s built with an Aero-Trac™ suspension wheel that absorbs shock and ensures silky smooth gliding.

But the best part? Just how sturdy it is. It’s framed with an ultra-protective security aluminium purposefully designed to be more durable than the average luggage.

The Tri-Tech is available in Matte Black, Midnight Turquoise and Matte White in three sizes from $630 at selected Samsonite stores islandwide. For more info, click here.



via Samsonite

The iconic luggage is a win-win between form and functionality. Form in the elegant polycarbonate shell with a brushed texture, providing a premium touch and functionality in its innovative features. Marie Kondo your luggage and maximise your packing volume with the Flat-Max™ structure and with the Easy Brake™ system, you’ll never have to chase after roll-away luggages anymore.

The Polygon is available in dark grey, blue and pink from $470 at selected Samsonite stores islandwide. For more info, click here.