Sign Up for a NYLON Cover Girl Photography Workshop at Leica Playground on Saturday 5 October 2019!

I always get asked this question: “How do you choose your next NYLON cover girl?” And it’s an easy question to be answered — she must have an inspiring story to tell. She must be someone that other girls look up to, and get inspired by — and she must be a good person (that’s important!). This year, I’ve had the privilege of photographing quite a few notable personalities, including Layla Ong, Christabel Chua and Becca D’Bus; and I shot all these pictures with the Leica M10-P, an incredible rangefinder camera that is known for street photography. And that makes the choice of using this camera all the more unusual; few Leica M photographers would use this for portrait photography. Have a look at the covers:

This past week, I completed our October cover shoot (shot on the iPhone 11 Pro!) and that will be published on October 1st. The next one I’m planning is the November cover and I’ll be photographing it live with my Leica M10-P at this year’s Leica Playground event!

If you’re interested in photography and how a magazine cover shoot is done, I’ll be holding a photography workshop as part of Leica Playground, teaching and demonstrating my entire photography process. This will include studio setup, lighting, camera settings, framing of the subject, quick focusing on the Leica M and everything else that’s involved in executing a great cover shoot. This will be an interactive session where you can ask me any questions along the way, and I’ll even let you try your hand at some shots of the cover girl as well!

And speaking of the cover girl for November, it’ll be a surprise who it is! All I can say is that she’s a celebrity in the Singapore media industry and you’ll love to meet her.

There’s a bunch of other activities going on at Leica Playground, including other workshops, exhibitions, a panel session, and of course food and drinks.

You can sign up for my workshop here:; there’s a $15 registration fee, and you’ll receive a Floraïku Discovery Kit by escentials, a Leica Playground Tote Bag, a kult kafé Jungle Juice, and a copy of my book, Editing Beauty III.



See you there!